Switching Puppy to Raw Dilemma

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Right now I feed Daisy raw. I get it right most of the time and she seems to do good on it. She certainly feels and acts healthier. However, I worry that I might be missing something in her diet. Something that won't kill or really harm her at 7 years old, but that would be bad for my 8 month old puppy. So should I switch him over with premade first? That is how I started Daisy. It is expensive, but peace of mind is worth more than that. If I do start him on premade, how long should he be on it before I switch him to a diet like Daisy's?

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How long have you been feeding Daisy raw?
How much do you feed her?
What do you feed her? (Do you have an example of what she eats for say, a week)?

It is okay to start dogs on premade raw if you do prefer feeding that way. I had Farley on premade raw for a year before switching him over to prey-model and evetually, whole prey. He did well on premade but it was extremely expensive for his size.

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Daisy has been on raw for about 4-5 months now.

In her daily meals there is some beef and chicken meat, as well as a small bit of either chicken gizzard or heart. She gets chicken bones (either thigh, leg, or back with ribs) every 3-4 days because she is so tiny I can't figure out 10% bone for every meal. Also once a week she is given a beef short rib with a good amount of meat on it but she is so tiny she really can't eat that bone so I don't count it in her bone ratio. I am sure she gets a little, but mostly she is just getting meat.

She also gets cranberry and fish oil tablet supplements.

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gizzards and hearts are not organ meat. You're babies need 5% liver and 5% some other organ ( I found beef kidney at the store ).

but I think you're doing fine. (seeing that you get some real organ meat soon)
the diet should be mostly meat, so that's good.

for me, figuring out the 10% bone and organ thing was like this:
Cookie eats like 3 or 4 oz of raw a day. so I googled what a meat of meat that size looked like, and I literally drew that shape onto a piece of paper and made a 10 square grid over it.
1 square is the 10% bone and 1 square is the 10% organ and the rest is meat.

In order to avoid feeding bits of bone and organ every single day.. I just looked at my picture and thought.. I'll feed 5 square's worth of bone every five days or something. (so a chicken thigh every five days for example).

but I'll admit, I order a premade raw from these guys: www.saddogsushi.com
I just enjoy the piece of mind, they have organs mixed in that I can't normally find and they don't contain any extra veggies or anything like the other premade's on the market. Check them out if you're in the US?

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See, something stupid like that... lol. I got some chicken kidneys tonight. I will look for another organ soon. I knew heart wasn't an organ (though I had forgotten that when I posted), but didn't realize gizzards weren't. naughty

Good suggestion on the serving portions. It is hard to get it right. I fed her too much bone at one point and made her constipated. Then I tried to soften it up by giving her some extra fish oil tablets. Needless to say, I went too far the other way.