1 month raw feed-peeing more :(

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Max has been on raw feed for 1 month-eating chicken,pork and starting beef. When he first started he drank a little less and peeing was a little less as well as small poops. For some reason now he is back to drinking a little more and peeing frequently...is this common? Also when we fast him for a day can he have marrow bones as a treat? he loves those http://www.dogster.com/forums/post.php#

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If he is grinding the marrow bones don't give them! They are harder than dog teeth and can cause fractures.

I don't ever fast Max. When he wasn't getting all the meals Sassy got I distracted him by playing a game and treating with tiny bits of dried lung, put a few bits of lung in a treat ball or gave him a peanut butter smeared kong while she ate.

He probably didn't feel as thirsty at first moving to wet food. Do check the labels of the meats to be sure they aren't enhanced with sodium. Taking in 3-4x the required amount of sodium would make one thirsty!

This site gives a rough estimate of what dogs need.
Raw food is about 60% water so 6 ounces of water in 10 ounces of food. I consider this a healthy minimum and don't mind my dog drinking more.

If this is a sudden change and urinating is urgent then to the vet, there could be a urinary tract infection.

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I'd say look into it. my dog's been on raw since January and she hasn't had a rise in drinking water. it's down because of the raw diet, and it hasn't gone up.

definitely check to make sure his meat was not enhanced, that could totally cause him to drink more water.

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TY Cookie and Maxwell. smile