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This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your dog's diet, please contact your vet!


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So my dog has been having lots of problems with itching and recurring yeast ear infections. We have taken her to many vets, tried this and that medicine, and nothing has worked, so I'm thinking of putting her on a raw diet and see if that might help any since it may be a food issue.

So the first thing I am wondering, what should her daily/weekly diet be like? All the things I have read are really confusing, and don't seem simple at all. One website I read said I could just feed a whole chicken mostly, but switch it up sometimes with some other kinds of meat, fish, and whole eggs is this true?

I'm also wondering, is there anything that's very important to supplement with? Right now she's getting Acidophilos, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Olive Oil added to her food.

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Prey model raw is fairly simple, although it's a lot to learn at first so it may seem overwhelming. Chance's Beginner's Guide To Prey Model Raw PDF is the most straightforward, thorough, and accurate source I've seen, it should answer all your questions and then some.

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There are many types of raw for one thing. People find different ways work best for their animals and most of all the final complete diet doesn't look anything like the starting diet!

This is a lot like transitioning a baby to solid food. You don't mince up spaghetti, green beans and a salad the first week, you give watery cereal. Plain bony chicken is the raw food most like kibble, higher in waste bone, lower in fat. The final diet is high in fat and low in bulk.

For a final prey model raw diet look to be feeding about 1/3-1/2 bony chicken, 5% of the diet in a variety of livers, 5% of the diet in a variety of other organs [kidney, pancreas, thyroid, brain, eyes, spleen] and the remainder in boneless meat like beef, pork, lamb, ostrich, venison.... Instead of bony chicken you can use bony pork, turkey, rabbit, fish, lamb, venison, beef as well but most of us do use quite a bit of chicken.

So next year you might be buying 3 pounds of chicken, 2 pound of boneless pork, 2 pounds of boneless beef, 2 pound of lamb, .5 pound of beef liver and .5 pound of beef kidney in a shopping trip when the freezer is bare. That would feed Max for 2 weeks and a 50 pound dog for 10 days. Around here 3 pounds of chicken is half of one so I would be feeding a piece of chicken every other day for its bone content and if it wasn't enough bone to firm the poop I would feed more chicken and less boneless stuff.

Right now you would be buying bony chicken and more bony chicken!

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Ok thanks so much! cheer I'm wondering, since it seems so complicated all the percents and everything, does it matter if I really stay exact to those? For example if I feed 20% instead of 10% does it make too much difference? Or if I feed only 1% liver? I'm just not sure how to exactly calculate how much she should get each week and such.

I'll also be switching my cats to raw. I know this is a dog forum, but just thought I could ask the quick question, is there anything majorly different I should know about feeding cats on raw, or is it mostly the same?

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Hi, Cookie started raw in January. It was really crazy thinking about all those percents at first, but we have worked out a great system. One of the first things I did was get a visual for what my dogs daily portion looked liked. Cookie weighs 8 to 9 pounds and gets snacks every day, so I decided (by using calculators like this one: http://www.saddogsushi.com/feeding_calculator.html ) that she would get 4 oz of raw every day. I googled what that looked like, and I portioned pounds of meat into 4ths. (4 oz is 1/4th a pound) and I'm pretty visual so I remember what it looks like. I looked at this daily portion and visualized 1/10th, knowing that she needed that much of it to be bone and organ.

We started transitioning with bone in chicken breast pieces and chicken necks.
I bought liver and kidney and cut it into little cubes and froze them on a tray before putting them in a container. for a while I fed beef some days, chicken wing pieces the other day, and a cube of organ.
it already sounds overwhelming just typing about it, but it was okay. I never weighed any food, just watched my dogs weight. You are right about things not having to be perfect. Some people don't do planned out feedings, they just feed, and write down what they fed on the calendar and just work day to day.

My regular system now is to order a ground bulk mix from www.saddogsushi.com and Cookie eats that on work days, and then over the weekend or when I am off and have time, I feed her whole pieces like chicken thighs or pork ribs or other meat that's on sale at the store.

I think a good simple system is to concentrate on meat (since that's 80% of the diet) feed what you will, then a couple times a week (or however often you think adds up to the right amount over that time period) feed a piece of meat with bone in it and go ahead and add on the organ (since organs are rich and can cause loose stool, feeding with bone should help).

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Thanks a bunch! That makes it seem quite simple! happy dance