ASPCA says feeding raw chicken bones is dangerous?

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I just heard about this on the radio, thoughts?

http://blog.aspca.org/content/five-summer-treats-avoid- feeding-your-pet

also this says raw feeding in general is....
http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/people-foods.as px

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Their concerns are bacteria, choking and obstructions, all of which are 100% avoided by feeding the raw diet appropriately.

Bacterial infections are avoided by feeding fresh meat. Bacteria like salmonella and e-coli and dealt with very easily in the digestive tract of a carnivore, where the intestines are so much shorter that the bacteria has no time to settle in. The only threat is a rotting piece of meat that has excess bacteria levels.

Choking is avoided by feeding appropriately sized meals. Precautions and good judgement prevent choking.

Obstructions are avoided by feeding RAW bones. Cooked bones cause obstructions as they cannot digest like raw bones. They keep their same rigid shape through the digestive tract.

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Oh okay, makes sense. I appreciate the explanation.

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Adding on to that... Obstructions can be caused by raw bones if the raw diet is not properly balanced.

In her book Foods Pets Die For, Ann Martin rails against BARF diets using a story of a dog who developed an obstruction while on a diet of chicken backs and wings. Both items are well over 50% bone, and what is not bone is mostly fatty skin and gristle. Of course the poor dog became obstructed! If I fed that diet for 2 days poor Fox would yelp and cry going to the bathroom and Ember would stop pooping entirely.

Bone content in a raw diet should be around 10%, the other 90% or so should be primarily meat and organ (fibrous veg optional). This is why research (and avoiding the "I must feed my dog cheap!" mentality) is so important.