Preparing to feed a raw diet soon, and worried about Asian Grocery stores!

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Hey all! I've been perusing the forums here for a while and reading everyone's experiences with the raw diet. I noticed a lot of people seeem to use Asian grocery stores to get meat, and there is an abundance of those near where I live. But I'm worried--one of the main reasons I want to switch off of kibble is because I can't guarantee where the ingredients going into the kibble are coming from. China is a huge, problematic, and to me scary source of dog kibble meats.

So, are Asian groceries okay? Are their meats sourced state-side and nothing to worry about? Or should I look elsewhere?

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People do actually eat the produce and meat found at Asian grocery stores. And not just Asian people. wink

And not all Asian grocery stores are Chinese ones..

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They absolutely do not source everything stateside, that wouldn't be possible as the suppliers for many of their products aren't located in the US. Most do import 'variety' meats that aren't typically available here, ship it in frozen from China and other Asian countries.


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I can only speak from personal experience. I grew up in an Asian country (Taiwan), and ate locally grown vegetables, fruits, and locally-raised meats. The food is great! I was rarely sick when I lived in Asia, compared to the States where I get sick more frequently. I would steer clear of processed stuff, whether it's from the States or China. Fresh foods, properly prepared, I would not think you would have much to worry about. way to go

Aw, man! Now I really miss real Chinese food! XD

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At the ethnic, not necessarily Asian, store I frequent, I see them cutting large animal pieces. I doubt the hog they were butchering came from overseas smile

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All right, thanks. smile I figured that the food sold in stores would be human grade and okay to feed my dogs too, and at least it would be subject to stricter import rules than the meat that goes into commercial dog food. Just wanted to check. You all seem to have had great results and I tend to over-worry things.

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you know, i worry about the same thing. asian, ethnic, mom and pop stores. i worry if the meat is clean, are they following hygiene rules ect... in some asian stores, the meat sits out on tables, no refrigeration or anything, flies all around and it smells.. is this meat safe? chicken feet piled up on a table with people talking and coughing on it as they walk by? don't know. i am use to loblaws and dominion having everything cold and packaged and untouchable. maybe i worry too much.. but it still freaks me out and i just cant buy it when it is like that. i gotta have it wrapped and cold. now skyland foods has thier stuff wrapped. that is an asian store and i bought from there before, but son lee was pain nasty!now maybe it was just one location.. i dont know. i just go by my gut.