Are chicken allergies common?

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When I read some of these posts, I've noticed that it seems like a lot of dogs have an allergy to chicken. Is that just me, or is it actually common?

Lobo has a pretty minor allergy to chicken. He's really only fed it if we can't afford anything else. It's not... TOO bad, it just gives him very bad gas. Usually it's alright if I remove the skin.

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Im also curious about this
I wonder what you start a pup on if it's allergic to chicken?

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Guest, any other bone-in protein willl do.

Chicken is most often suggested because the majority of dogs tolerate it well and it's easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

Rexy started out on venison, and then progressed to turkey and pork before attempting chicken. That's just how it worked out for us...

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I thought it was really weird when we first discovered that Kitsune has a chicken allergy. It took me longer than it should have to even figure out what he was allergic too, because at the time I didn't even really realize that they could be allergic to a type of meat like that.

Kit's chicken allergy reactions are bad. He gets hives and swells up. The first time I fed him raw chicken and it happened I thought he had gotten stung by a bee or something. It took me awhile to put the two together that his reactions where happening every time he ate chicken. I felt so bad when we figured it out, that we were trying so hard to figure out what was making him so uncomfortable and all that time it was caused by something I was feeding him.

Anyways, I don't know how common it is but it is a lot more common than I would have thought. When we found out that Kit was allergic to it I did some research and it does, to me, seem relatively common.

We stopped feeding Kit chicken, eggs, and all other types of poultry as well. It makes feeding him a bit more expensive but he never had an allergy reaction again. smile

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From what I understand, dogs can develop allergies to proteins after prolonged exposure. Since a lot of kibbles use chicken, and many raw feeders feed a lot of chicken, maybe a higher number of dogs develop allergies to cooked and/or raw chicken. Plus since it's fed so commonly, maybe the allergy is just discovered more often than say, an allergy to ostrich.

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Kit, Lobo will eat eggs if I break them, and he's perfectly fine with chicken eggs. I haven't tested turkey, yet, or ostrich or any other type of poultry. He has a bag of chicken legs that we're gonna let him finish off, then he's got a whole mess of beef and pork/beef ribs. Lucky, lucky, lucky dog. laugh out loud

Trying to find a good Latino and/or Asian market, too. Albertson's used to have a lot of beef tongue/heart, which was pretty much Lobo's regular meaty-meal source, but now they have them very rarely. Oh well. Still have really cheap beef liver. My vet's assistant knows an apparently awesome meat market, but it's quite a ways away from us. Definitely a place where I would bulk-buy, but we have such a small freezer lol. Every time I bulk-buy, we end up having to stuff it all in there. laugh out loud

Onyx, that actually makes A LOT of sense. But if a dog is allergic to chicken, would he necessarily be allergic to ALL poultry sources?