Thank You!

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your dog's diet, please contact your vet!

Benji- Knockout

Always searching- for my next- meal!
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '12 9:06am PST 
I just want to say a big thank you to everyone in the raw forum! I've had Benji home for 4 days now, switched to raw cold turkey and haven't had one issue thanks to all the great advice here! I think the worst was when I gave him too much bones yesterday morning and aside from his stool being a little firm and white he's been good! I started him off on primal pre made raw and when I put that young chicken winglet in the bowl he was super excited to have at it! I was worried because he struggled with the bones a bit but the cornish hen I'd gotten him hadn't thawed out enough for me to cut! He got threw it like I champ! I must admit I took a bone away from him (thankfully as he already had to much) because I had cut the winglet in half and caused a dangerous situation for him as I now know!

He's doing great on raw and I'm very happy I made the choice to feed him this diet!