krill oil

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I was curious does anyone here give krill oil?

If so what brand do you use and why do you give it?
Do you think it helps?

Is it better than fish oil or does it have different nutrients compared to salmon oil?

I feed pretty much all grass fed/free ranged organs except chicken gizzrds and chicken heart.

I also give bit of grass fed beef, lamb and sometimes free ranged chickens.
Plus she gets raw smelt, saury, mackeral, whitefish, and caned sardines, salmon, and mackeral.

So I don't give fish type oil..

Is krill worth giving?

I also bive coconut oil every so often.

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I won't use it because marine life like whales and penguins depend on krill to survive. The more krill that gets harvested to produce oil, the more it upsets fragile ocean ecosystems.
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Agreeing with Chance on this.

There IS no need... companies like Now Foods do 92% pure Cod liver Oil for around $30 for a 6 month supply.....WHY look for other stuff.

My Boys are on the 75% pure(humans are recommended 75-85%)again its Now Foods(any good health food shop and online)and it runs at about $25 for 6 months supply..

I dont work for them... but was recommended but the pain management spinal surgeon I see.


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Didn't know this about krill oil. I will keep my distance.

Be careful using cod liver oil for Omegas! It should not be used exclusively, if at all. It's very high in Vitamin A which stores in the liver and can cause problems if fed in high doses over long periods of time. A nice little article from a reliable source: http://www.monicasegal.com/vitamin%20A-toxicity.html

Better to play it safe and supplement with grass-fed meat and/or whole salmon, anchovy or sardines, or their oils.
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Barked: Fri May 11, '12 1:15pm PST 
I didn't realize that about krill oil either. Thank you for letting us know.

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Thanks I see a few people that give it and I feel same way about it seems kinda wrong to use up krill when whales and many fish depend on their existence on it as sole food or part of their diet.

I don't give fish oil and didn't plan on giving krill oil I rather use the money towards meat then that..

Saya's diet does have a good bit of free ranged and grass fed plus raw fish.

I was mainly curious of other people's thoughts on this. I feel same way with those dog chews like shark spine and sting ray chews they say they're harvested sustanable or whatever but why use it.. I rather give bully stick or beef trachea chews..

This is interesting article..

"o ver 95% of all harvested krill are used to make something called ‘fish meal.’ Only about 2% krill goes into making krill oil supplements."

"Fish meal is used to raise farmed salmon"

Interesting and also another thing to ponder..

This one reason why I don't buy farmed fish because it needs be fed.. Farmed doesn't taste as good too.

I had farmed salmon and Alaskan salmon and I'd pick Alaskan salmon any day! The taste is so delicious!

Either way I don't plan to use it, but neat too look into. Odd how it seems to be becoming so popular.

I agree cod liver oil isn't good solely.

I don't like the name of it. lol

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Krill Oil contains very powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin and abundant in Choline which Fish Oils do not have. I personally use Krill Doctor Professional Brand which is 1200 mg and recommended by our Vet.

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For what it's worth, I started adding Fermented Cod Liver Oil (we take it daily, expensive, but worth it for us!) and I did a lot of research beforehand. It's a really good thing, I believe, when used appropriately. I probably use 1 teaspoons a week (twice a week) and add it to meals like chicken, that are really low in omega-3, to balance it out. I use sardines and such, too, but I think the vitamin D benefit is enough for me to give in conjunction with other high omega-3 foods. If you're feeding a lot of factory-farmed chicken it has barely any omega-3 and no vitamin D due to never seeing daylight. So when used in moderation, fermented cod liver oil can really benefit your pup. I feed an all grass-fed diet, but still feel like it's beneficial to them in small amounts. I track everything mine eat on a nutritional tracking site to I am aware of their vitamin A content. It's def. not something you want to use everyday, but it's one of those things where a little bit goes a long, long way. Omega-3 feeds the brain so I try to incorporate it into their diet whenever I can. We feed brains, too, which are another good source.

An idea of chicken and the omega-3/omega-6 balance: Chicken leg, per ounce, 28.0 MG of omega-3 204 MG of omega-6. If you feed beef heart, for example, it's got 12.4 MG of omega-3 and 460 MG of omega-6. So you see the imbalance? If someone feeds mostly chicken and beef heart, that's quite a lot of omega-6 and barely any omega-3 (the brain's food!) For this reason, I feel sardines/brain/cod liver oil are a must-have and we feed all grass-fed meat on top of that.

Just thought I'd share that so if anyone is thinking about it, Cod Liver Oil, can be really beneficial in small doses and small doses pack a good amount of omega-3, a teaspoon has about 888 MG of omega-3!

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