Pork Shoulder bone- can they eat it? Among other questions?? :?

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So i followed the advise given to me in my Portion Control post and invested in a small 16oz scale i got for 7 bucks. needless to say jake is now getting close to the right amount of food. I feed between 9-12 oz depending on the day of pure meat with some fat or skin. he's supposed to get between 9.5 and 11 but i rounded down and up since there wasn't a point in being spot on i don't feel. (Or does it have to be exactly 9.5-10.89 oz?)

My question now has to do with what bones are and aren't edible for dogs. Particularly with jake i feed him mostly on the bone becasue he loves to gulp down food. thinking If it fits it slides down.

I sometimes consider changing his motto to "Why Chew? if it fits as is?" Though he's starting to understand chewing.

So can jake cosume pork bones. I mean i don't like the way the shoulder bone was cut but at the same time there's a fair bit of meat on it. *A lot around the edges and such* enough for sure to be at least one meal and i dont want to waste it.

So can jake consume the meat from the bone and not the bone? Or can he also safely eat some of the bone?

What bones are editable besides chicken? Since right now he's eating butchered pork shoulder with eggs (minus the shells) and maybe 2 organs (chicken livers). Do i run a risk of runny stool because i'm not feeding bone in meat? What else can i do to firm up stool? Do i need to buy ground bone or something like it?
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In my experience for a dog of medium size,the truly edible bones (as in nothing or only shards left) are chicken bones, lamb ribs and necks and the ribs of young cattle and pigs.

I have 'fed' pork shoulder bones as well as femur, pelvis and spines of various animals without any problems, JT just eats off the meat, chews thd bone a bit and abandons it when he realizes it isn't all that edible. Jake might have a good go at the shoulder but I don't think he could eat the whole thing given, I guess just supervise and take it away when you think enough is enough.

Kraka, my mum's dog, on the other hand, has an enormous mouth and I have watched him crack through bones thicker than my wrist, no joke! So I think jaw strength plays a big role in what's edible and what's not.

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Saya is a 20lb shiba inu and she gets pork shoulders and once she gotten to the bone she can grind some of the bone down. I take away once she had enough and give again another time, but eventually she gets to where she can't grind it so I take away it's mostly the joint part that she has easy time with..

She gets lamb and pork ribs and lamb necks also has had lamb shanks with no issue I just take away once she is done most times she leaves it some she doesn't..

She has had beef ribs and done fine she mostly tears meat off the rib, and does lightly grind bit of the bone off.

I wouldn't give beef rib if the dog tries to crunch it in half..


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Which pork bone? Scapula or humerus?

Max's first big meal was a pound of meat covered pork scapula. He mowed right through it and had a very bony poop the day after. Bone edible but I hadn't left on enough meat.

I thought he was going to pull off the meat like he used to do with beef ribs. Next time he got beef ribs he attempted to mow through them too and I decided they were off the menu until he stopped doing that and he has.

If it is the front leg joint from the picnic cut Max will eat a lot of the softer joint bones and leave most of the harder shaft.

Pigs are usually killed young and the bones are pretty soft.

Max can get enough bone off any cut of pork to meet his needs but leaves a lot of neck, leg and rib bone so feeding pork with bone is quite expensive for me. He gets enough bone off beef ribs to meet his needs and can eat tail bones but hasn't ever had neck and I am not going to offer leg bone ever. He can eat any turkey bone but I pick up the leg bone shards before he goes back to clean up. He gets very little lamb, the last leg I bought he just cleaned up the pelvic bone and got enough bone from the joint without eating much of it. He can eat all rabbit bone, has had a mature breeder and young fryer heads. He adores venison and can eat small ribs but usually just pulls the meat from the leg and neck bones.

Remember Max is a 38 pound senior. He used to eat lamb and pork ribs and won't now.

Usually he gets meat covered chicken bone plus boneless red meat. Lately he has been getting chicken heads, feet and poorly boned rib sections [most of the tenderloin is there and you cannot see the bones from the muscle side] that weigh about 2-4 ounces out of his 10 ounce meals for all his meals then once a week he gets something awesome, bison neck bone at the moment.

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Conker is 24 pounds and can get through an entire shoulder(scapula)on his own no problem.
If he can't chew through a bone I will let him strip the meat off and gnaw on it as a toy for a couple days then pitch it. (It's cold enough outside to leave it out there for a while) Inedible to me is a bone that my dogs can't get pieces off of. They can all get through a beef rib if given enough time, but I generally don't use those for bone content. Pork ribs are easy for them to crunch, and neck bones can have a fairly large amount (if not all) eaten so I'll sometimes use those. For me though, my dogs usually just get chicken or turkey bones for bone content.

You don't have to be spot-on for meat/bone/organ ratios. Sometimes Conker gets a bit more organ, othertimes more bone, and sometimes less food in general. I'm never exact (I sometimes try to be)and generally just make sure he's getting his daily needs met.