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HELLO! I need help please. My dog has been eating raw food consistently for nearly 3 months, and suddenly is very itchy! It has started over the past few days. If you pet her, she has to itch. She also is always itching herself. I feel so bad, but i'm not sure what to do. Could I be doing wrong?

Here is the breakdown of what she typically eat.

CHICKEN (sometimes with a small amount of liver or heart) mixed with apple, zucchini, banana. I also generally add one of the following: kale, pumpkin or carrots.

I am not giving her any supplements.

Please help! I will do anything for my doggie!

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Recheck your chicken for sodium content. If it's more than 100mg per 4 ounces (on the label), then it can cause itchiness!

I'd personally ditch the veggies and add in some fish oil. way to go
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Definitely add more variety of meats, and ditch the veggies/fruits, they are very difficult for dogs to digest. I would add Salmon Oil as well. Also check the sodium levels in the chicken.


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A diet of mostly chicken is low in a number of nutrients that support healthy skin. Zinc and omega 3 are just the top of the list. Perhaps adding more red meat to the diet and adding fish oil or fatty fish could help.

Also fleas? Is your dog on flea medication? You don't need to see a flea ever for one to have landed, bit and left your dog miserable for weeks. In 17 years I probably saw a couple dozen fleas on Sassy.
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If you can get your hands on raw green tripe (sometimes sold commercially by brands like Bravo!), I'd recommend it. I learned recently how digestive health is closely related to skin health. I have two dogs who have suffered through the winter with itchy skin due to the dry heat. I started giving them tripe every week for the past few weeks (1 entire meal of tripe per week, but I recommend starting MUCH smaller), and their skin and itchiness cleared up tremendously.

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Agree with Charlie. Daily probiotics are essential to digestive health, IMO. All of Duke's itchy-scratchies, scaliness, nasty breath, bone digestion issues and eye goop went away after a solid month of daily probiotics. I would not go a day without them.

(Disclaimer: The probiotics also coincided with acupuncture and Chinese herbals for digestion, so I suspect the combination of all three is what brought Duke's gut back into balance.)