Is it possible that green tripe could be causing diarrhea?

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Nope. If your pet store has a freezer ask. They might have frozen green tripe as part of the raw food line. Greentripe.com carries it as do many raw food providers.

The stuff in the grocery store has been bleached and washed clean of the good stuff. Max has eaten tripas, washed beef intestines, and liked it fine though. That sort of thing isn't worth spending much money on and hasn't any of the possibly good flora and fauna of green tripe.

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Excellent! I'll try that. Thanks!

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surely the problem here is that the canned tripe is not raw, it is cooked.


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"surely the problem here is that the canned tripe is not raw, it is cooked."
Thread is from Jan 2013..

So what is issue with canned food or cooked food?

Saya eats cooked meat, caned food just fine.

She mainly eats raw diet, but she likes cooked meat for training and sometimes I give canned if I get deal on it.

This forum isn't raw feeding group where we don't allow talk of giving veggies, fruit, grains, or cooked meat.. god forbid you give ground meat or premade raw! oh my!

Yes want to feed cooked meat go to home cooking forum, but not every raw feeder follows strict rules..

What is with the sudden resurrection of old threads. two areas of the forum there is a post that was posted five years ago got resurrected recently.

Person who posted this probably moved to different forum or problem is solved.

Curious why are there guests? Do you own a dog why not make a profile?

I mainly follow prey model raw, but there is no problem with people who feed differently.

Some dogs don't do well with green tripe no matter how careful introduction to it is. raw or cooked..
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