Does Anyone Feed Prather Ranch Raw?

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My dog was very sick in July and August and stopped eating. He lost 15 lbs. It slipped by me for various reasons, including him having a very thick coat and it being a hot summer. In order to get him eating again, I had to feed him by hand one bite at a time, raw meat (beef, bison, chicken, turkey) with brown rice and Chinese herbs, kelp powder and flax oil, which I poured a little hot water on, to make a broth. He started eating again but not much.

He's become exceptionally picky, having very little appetite, and I've continued giving the same foods, sometimes with quinoa instead of brown rice. But lately it seems like he's gotten tired of the repetition and hasn't been feeling like eating what I've been giving him, from Costco and Trader Joe's, both labeled organic. I can't even imagine. He's turning down red meat.

Anyway, today I walked into Prather Ranch's store at San Francisco's Embarcadero and thought I'd get a package of ground meat for my dog. I asked the man behind the counter if they had any other cuts that I could give my dog, something a little expensive, and he pointed me at the actual dog food, ground beef with organ meat mixed in. Buying the fifth one (I think that was the deal) was free, so I bought five, then six since it's not that easy to get there.

I mixed it in with this morning's ground beef I already had open, mixed them with the new ground beef from Prather Ranch with a little quinoa and herbs. I'd gotten tired of him leaving it over, so I didn't give him *that* much.

My dog went nuts! He loved it and asked for more when he was done (he licked his lips in the way that says he wants more food). So I know what I'll be feeding him from now on.

Just wanted to share, in case anyone was still wondering about this.
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