Feeding raw to CRF Cat

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At the Vet clinic I work at we have a 12 year old Maine Coon mix as one of our office/clinic cats who has kidney failure (has for a couple of years), she absolutely WILL NOT eat any type of wet/canned food. Well the other day I was feeding Ziva (my new min pin) her lunch and Tabitha (cat) decided she was going to take off with Ziva's raw chicken, she was really going to town on it, so I am thinking this might be an option for her. Is there any special dietary concerns that I should be aware of where she has kidney failure? Anything to avoid? I feed 4 dogs raw right now and my cats get tidbits at home, but my hubby isn't ready for them to transition fully yet. But I checked with my vet/dad and he is fine with Tabitha eating raw.

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I would think anything but raw fish is absolutely fine. Raw fish really isn't good for them anyways as it depletes thiamine and contains mercury and other toxins but it's also high in phosphorous. I don't know that I would do pork either since it's usually naturally high in sodium and you don't this kitty to retain water. But other than that, I'd say yeah, go for it!way to go
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Hi, Munchie! (It's Tucker & Phoebe's mom from Dogster).

I think raw would be a great idea for this kitty, especially as she already seems to instinctively know what she needs and is showing avid interest in eating the most species-appropriate way possible.

You might find this link helpful for your client:

CRF Diet


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Oh, my friend Bill's dad has a recipe from Dr. Pierson for a raw diet for a cat with CRF - I'll see if I can get him. There's something about limiting the bones because of the calcium/phosphorous ratio. Bill recently went to the bridge (not from the raw diet!) and his dad misses him terribly but I'm sure he will be happy to help.

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Munchie, sorry this took so long! The trick with CRF as I'm sure you know is keeping phosphorus levels down. So the best way is to feed meat and organs without bone, but with added calcium. Egg whites are also a good source of protein without phosphorus. So I think it might be difficult to feed the Frankenprey method, but ground raw would be easier. PM me if you'd like some more info or a recipe. Good luck!

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Also for CRF cats, it works well to give them more fat (1/3 of their diet can be fat, but please correct me if I'm wrong on that number!). Fat is lower in phosphorus than meat, and fat gives a CRF cat extra calories - something they really need!

CRF cats also have the tendency to easily get constipated, so its sometimes best for them to feed balanced raw every single day instead of over time.

See if the vet will prescibe him calcitriol. It worked wonders for Milo. Also benezipril. Sorry, I can't spell...

Slippery Elm Bark is a must for people with CRF cats to have around as well, as CRF cats tend to have digestive upsets (diarrhea, stomach acid, constipation).