What percentage of body weight do you feed?

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Treadmill- Junkie!
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 9:19am PST 
When I first got my dog, well actually, when I was babysitting her before I knew she was going to be mine, I weighed her on this crappy scale that got donated to our rescue. It said she was about exactly five pounds. Seeing as it was just out of curiosity (she was still on kibble) I kind of left it there, but she was super bony at the time, her ribs and backbone were really prominent. Now, after I had her on four medallions of NV a day, you can't feel her backbone at all and you can feel her ribs, but with a thin layer of fat over them.

Today I picked up a little kitchen scale so I can properly measure her raw meat. I took advantage of having a dog tiny enough to fit on a kitchen scale, and put her on it...it said 4 lbs 10 oz. So I'm assuming the scale I first weighed her on was broken, seeing as it said 5lbs and she was a lot skinnier then than she is now, haha.

Anyways, so now I'm trying to figure out how much I should feed her. Five percent of what she weighs is 3.7 oz, does that seem right? I feel like I should give her more than the standard 2-3% because she has a really high metabolism, but then again on raw maybe that won't be the case.

What percentage compared to body weight do you feed your dog, and does 3.7 oz sound good to you?
Ginger- Mystic and- Pixie

What trouble can- we get into- today?
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 10:35am PST 
Yep the percentage is just a guideline. Like I just replied to Diesel my girls are as follow, Mystic-2%, Ginger-3% and Pixie is about 4%.
Tucker, CGC,- TDI

Bloggin' Dog
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 10:53am PST 
If Lily really is the treadmill junkie her profile says she is, then she may well need 5%. And most small dogs need a higher percentage on average than larger dogs do.

What I personally do is weigh the dogs food (and give them roughly 2% of their body weight on days when I don't feed bone-in items. Then on the days when they get a bone-in item, whether the bone is edible or not, I don't weigh it, and either let them eat till its gone, until they get full, or until the meat is stripped off an item (such as lamb shank or rack of beef ribs) where the bone is inedible. I know they get more than their 2% on those days, but since they're both a healthy weight, I don't worry about it, because I do weigh their meals on the other days.

The short answer is not to go by her actual weight, but by her body condition. That way you can never go wrong.


I don't walk, I- prance!
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 10:56am PST 
Rufio is 6.5 lbs and he eats about 3 oz a day..some days more or less though so I guess I'll say between 3-4 oz a day.

Tiny boy, but he- has a huge- heart!
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 1:17pm PST 
Brody is 5 pounds on the dot and eats between 2-3 ounces a day.
Monty RL1- AoE CGC

I think I'm a- king among dogs
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 9:02pm PST 
oo let's see... Walter is 118 lbs, perfect body condition, and eats 2 lb./day, so 1.7% for him. Monty is 145 lbs, heavy, and he eats 1.5 lb/day, so 1% there, then Uschi the puppy is around 50 lbs. and eating 3 lb/day, so 6% for her, her body condition is great also.
Mystique- 'Tiki'

Wooo Awooo!
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 9:27pm PST 
Tiki is on 2% and doing perfect! big grin Sorry, I was just so happy when we finally hit the perfect percentage and amounts. (I'ma dork!)
Maxwell Smart

The dog park toy- thief!
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 9:59pm PST 
4% since he is still a puppy but has already met his projected adult weight at 6 months old. I do check him body condition every time he is cuddling with me and 4% seems to be the right amount for now.
Crash- Dynamite

Live up to your- Name!
Barked: Fri Sep 17, '10 10:18pm PST 
Crash eats about 3-4%

the destroyer

Barked: Sat Sep 18, '10 12:16am PST 
I like how the Newfs posted after the Pom & the Chi. Quite the difference there!

Miss is nearly 5 and is on a weight reduction, so she eats about 1.7% a day (1 lb). Batman, on the other hand, is about 1 1/2 and could easily eat 3% (1 lb) and be fine. Age and activity level are definitely factors. Obviously, if Miss's activity level stayed the way it was when she was a smidge younger, she could still eat 1.5 lb/day and be fine. I've also noticed that very small dogs tend to eat higher percentages. Maybe it's all the energy they expend being super cute and tiny at the same time, I dunno. It's definitely a "know thy dog" scenario.
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