can some dogs just *not* handle raw?!

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so stinkin' cute
Barked: Mon Aug 9, '10 8:04am PST 
I never had a cause to check for issues with digesting because he handles changes in the cooked foods all the time. One week he'll have bison + turkey, the next he'll have salmon + beef. We change it up now that we have a grinder so we're limitless in what we can cook for him.

I guess I never considered that a dog that can handle cooked changes couldn't handle something as bland as raw chicken in the transition.

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Barked: Mon Aug 9, '10 11:40am PST 
Have you considered that adding yogurt when he's having his poop issues might make the problem worse? Some dogs don't handle dairy well.
Just thought I throw that out there...

I'd also try something like pork or turkey before giving up on raw for him.

I guess if it doesn't work for him, it doesn't work. You can always go back to homecooked for now and try raw again at a future date.

Ugh to having these issues while housetraining, that's rough!

Daddy's Girl
Barked: Mon Aug 9, '10 12:03pm PST 
due respect, there have been so many changes made, i don't see how you can be sure what the problem is.

i know my malia cannot handle yoghurt....

i know that my dogs both had the horrid runs, so i went boney and fed backs for a week and then they stabilised...it's not the recommendation but it worked..and it's worked with other dogs....

it's balance over time..and if you keep changing the diet, you'll never know for sure....


AKA Baby Face
Barked: Mon Aug 9, '10 12:40pm PST 
If it's got wings, we can't eat it, that's what Dieta wants me to tell you. She will get very sick and have alien dirrhea!
So, since mom can find beef here cheap we have found that adding some sweet potato or egg shells work best.
I don't like giving pumpkin or s.p. but I have to. I can't find bones that are safe, so you might want to buy first cut pork chops, lamb, elk or deer meat those are all red meats. She can eat pork just fine as long as it is not enhanced. good luck.

so stinkin' cute
Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 5:49am PST 
I printed a BOGO coupon for Nature's Variety and got a bag of Bison (new!!?) and gave some to the Buckley. He did fine, small stool no runnies at all.

So, I suppose raw is possible, I just have to be extra creative with him.
Our butcher sells pork ribs by the pair with some meaty meat on it - is this what you all are talking about for ribs? I steered away from them because neither of my other dogs can handle pork very well, and the rib bones seemed to big for them to chew into and digest.


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Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 9:02am PST 
Buckley wave

We do pork ribs here pretty often as I can find it on the cheap... down to little Luna at 7.5lbs they can get through the bones just fine.

I'd give it a try.. the pork ribs are pretty easy to separate from each other too, unlike beef...

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Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 9:43am PST 
I've gotten Saya rib tips before and she crunched those ok..

I've gotten her a whole rack of pork ribs not sure what type I havent given her them yet..

so stinkin' cute
Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 10:02am PST 
thanks for the confidence, Lilith! I'll try um.
Phoenix, CGC, SC

Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 4:00pm PST 
I, personally, don't think you are giving it enough time. His puppy belly is probably "confused" with all the switching back and forth- from veggies/dairy/cooked food to completely raw. My puppy was on The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated) at the breeder, it took him ~2 weeks to get used to chicken- and his poop is still not completely solid. Soft, formed, but not "raw poop." At one point he had horrible diarrhea that was just mucus. I stuck it out and now he's doing great. His co-breeder (who feeds completely raw) said his belly was probably sour from all the fiber in the THK food. That's a lot of fiber for a puppy belly! Perhaps the back and forth will not help. I would continue to grind but give him some bones just to gnaw on for teething. I think he will be fine.

And have you had the pup checked for worms?

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Barked: Sun Dec 29, '13 4:48pm PST 
Had the same problem with my puppy. Went to an animal expert that gave me some valuable information. Beef and duck are easiest for a dog to digest out of all the meats. I put my pup on beef and cooked lentils for one day and the diarrhea stopped. Then raw feeding was much easier after that.
p.s. She never got used to eating chicken. Some dogs can't hand certain meats.
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