How much garlic to repel fleas?

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I've heard that garlic can be used as a flea preventative... just curious if anyone feeds it to their dogs and, if so, how much? Fergus is now around 22 lbs. I'd like to avoid using pesticides, so I thought I'd give garlic a shot. smile

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Thanks for asking this...I was wondering this myself. I wanted to start giving it to my pups today. I heard it takes a few weeks for it to take effect.
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I'm not sure really, I don't have fleas here really... but I think it's just like a sprinkle on the meat everyday... or I think you can also go to a health food store and pick up some garlic tablets..


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I've been feeding Bella raw for 5 weeks now and have included garlic from day one. I crush a half a clove and put it in her meal every other day. Unless the fleas haven't woke up or developed into adults yet (it's been rather warm here in MI for over a month now), we are flea-less at this point. I also add colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar in her water every day. I understand that the ACV also is a natural flea deterrent.
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Make sure you do not feed raw garlic... it is toxic. It has to be cooked, but a sprinkle is all it takes.

I use food grade Diatomaceous Earth(DE). So far so good. I just sprinkle a bit on there coats and rub it in. It has no odor and works by dehydrating fleas. It also works on other insects. Ants somehow got into our mail box the other day, so I sprinkled a little bit of the DE in their with them, the next day I came back and they were gone (dead).

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Ive heard that raw garlic is bad for dogs but i do it every summer for fleas and have never had a problem also Dr pichard ( I think that his name, something with a P) recommends raw garlic for fleas and worms. I have his book. shrug It works great for fleas!

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From Wikipedia (& other google results)

Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic, is a species in the onion family Alliaceae. Its close relatives include the onion, shallot, leek, chive, and Rakkyo.

I would not feed garlic, especially raw, since it is part of the onion family.
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Raw garlic is not bad for dogs, in small amounts. You have to look it up how much they can handle. I have done it before with my dogs. They stunk in the summer, but otherwise no effects. Still found ticks on them (have no fleas here)