Vomiting after Raw

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Sophie CGC- CSD

da da dada da da- BAT DOG!!!!!
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 10:08pm PST 
This morning after a long break from raw, I gave Sophie 3 chicken thighs for breakfast. A little while ago she vomited some foamy liquid then, as I rushed her outside so she wouldn't make a mess, she vomited up something solid with strings of mucus with it. Turns out it was the end of an undigested chicken bone. I'm starting to wonder about the safety of giving her whole chicken parts. I've given her chicken this way in the past as well as other meat with bones but we've primarily done premade raw. I was going to get some more chicken leg quarters at the store as they are on sale for 69 cents a lb but now I'm hesitant at even trying it again. I'm worried if she has problems again, it could be so much worse than just vomiting up a large piece of bone.

Right before she threw up, she was playing normally, giving me her ball. When she came in she climbed up on the sofa with me and took a nap. Her belly doesn't seem tender or anything. She's just acting sleepy but the other dogs are sleeping too so I don't think it is related to her vomiting. I'm just very nervous about giving her any more raw chicken bones. I have learned that her body is pretty good about expelling things that could cause trouble. I was really nervous when she stole Taffy's puppy nylabone and ate half before I caught her but luckily vomited it up within 24 hours. I got lucky on that one and banned all puppy bones from the house.
Eicka Angel

Eicka Bear
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 3:07am PST 
Hi Sophie,

I noticed you said you’ve been doing primarily premade raw. The problem may be that she hasn’t had the opportunity to learn how to properly eat her chicken bones. If she hasn’t had many, if any at all, then she probably doesn’t realize that she has to actually chew them before swallowing. Before just giving them to her, the beginners book, Natural Nutrition for Cats and Dogs by K. Shultz, says that you should break the bone apart yourself into smaller pieces before giving it to a dog that doesn’t have much experience in the chicken bone, or bone period, department.

Maybe instead of giving up on the whole idea (because the nutrients in the bone is SOOOO good for their system) you could try taking a hammer to it before giving it to her. It’s added work for you yes, but only until she learns to chew before swallowing. smile

I hope that helps. If not, I can try to suggest something else. I’d just hate for her to not get all the nutrients that raw bones and marrow can give her.
Phoebe, CGC

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Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 6:17am PST 
How long after eating was she playing ball? It could be just something as simple as not resting long enough after she ate.

K-10 Von- Canein

K-10. 1 step- above a k-9
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 6:40am PST 
Maybe try feeding bigger pieces, so your dog has to work at it and chew it up better.
Shooter Wilson

Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 7:28am PST 
if her body feels it couldn't digest it, it throws it up.
it's really not a big deal when feeding raw, imo.
if it's a bone i wouldn't let them try again with it, i'd throw it out.
considering it was just sitting in her stomach it probably is rubbery
and won't cause any damage on the way back up
(though that's not impossible- i'm sure it could)
but even with a large chunk of meat they didn't quite chew right
they might bring it back up and try to chew it down smaller.
their bodies are surprisingly good at making those decisions.
this happened less and less with my dogs as we progressed into raw-
now we never have these problems. we are about 3 months in.

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Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:37am PST 
I have to agree with K10, chicken thigh is too small for a german shepherd. They can swallow the whole thing without chewing on it. Try bigger pieces so he can actually chew his food. I feed the thighs to my chihuahua. The rule of thumb is the food has to be the size of their head to prevent gulping. Why not try a whole chicken or half a chicken next time.

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Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:54am PST 
You gave way too small of a piece so she didn't chew it. 1/2 chicken for that dog, easily. Thighs have a big knuckle bone that need chewing or it will come back up. Perfectly normal. The diet is safe, this was operator error.

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AKA Baby Face
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:56am PST 
How much does she weigh?
I give that many to our other dog who is 87lbs maybe 90 # right now.
I think you only feed 2% of their weight.

To start out I would go with bone in chicken breasts. I think three thighs might offer over the 10% bone , and for a first meal I would choose the breasts over thighs.
I went to thighs for Bridget on the 3-4 week and she handles that much bone but I don't think my shepherd could handle that much bone. I feed her differently cause she had fits on chicken.
I did just feed her a partial chicken the other day and no rocket butt. But, I am sticking to the beef and pork right now.
Sophie CGC- CSD

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Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 4:05pm PST 
For months we did Bravo Raw in the AM and instinct kibble in the PM. When I ran out of bravo and was unable to go get some she got some chicken wings so she is familiar with eating bones as she has eaten other various chicken parts like legs, breasts, etc. There is actually a video of her eating wings in her video book. She's also had pork chops and beef heart. Both dogs seemed to enjoy beef heart but when I asked for it today the store was out. I was hoping they'd have some so I could hopefully entice Taffy to eat. I gave her 2 pretty large thighs and the 3rd was because Taffy turned her nose up to it. The piece that came up was a small end of the knuckle, about quarter sized diameter. I had thighs cause I asked my mom to pick up some cheap chicken at the store hoping to get the 40lbs poodle to eat and she got those when I asked for legs, quarters, or even a whole chicken if cheaper.

About 10-12 hours had passed between eating and playing ball then vomiting after resting after playing ball.

Sophie weighs about 70lbs. When eating kibble only, she gets 4 cups per day. When I was giving her bravo, she was getting 1lb bravo for one meal and 2 cups kibble at the other. She must eat 2 meals because she is on medication twice per day that requires a full meal be given with it. It is also easier to give her supplements in her kibble as I have to shove them down her throat otherwise which isn't pleasant for either of us. A small half of a pill at one meal is ok. So I tend to still stick with a grain-free kibble meal while feeding raw in another. My vet isn't too keen on the raw diet and her blood tests have shown a slightly elevated BUN, I'm not sure if it should be a concern or not but I had to keep coming back 3 months in a row until I just fed her kibble only before the appointment to get the level normal. It was only a tiny bit above normal though but I don't know if that means the raw strains the kidneys more than kibble, maybe someone with veterinary experience can explain that here. So I do take breaks from raw from time to time and just go with kibble for a while. The store recommends rotating between different protein sources and rotate between kibble and raw.

So today on the way home I stopped at the store with the really nice sale on leg quarters and picked up 2 packages of almost 6lbs of chicken leg quarters. I'm surprised by the size as there are 5 in each package and huge. I expected thigh attached to a leg but this include part of the bottom of the chicken, some with the tail on it. I'm sure she'll have to chew it and cannot just swallow whole. They were 69 cents per lb. I also picked up a natural pork blade boston butt roast whatever that is, 3.43lbs for $3.61 as it had a coupon on it for $1.50 off. I'd like to try them with beef but it seems too expensive. I pay about $1.66 per day when feeding kibble so I'd like to try to keep raw at or below the cost of feeding kibble. There are some pretty decent sales on pork chops but they are for boneless only.

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