Blue Ridge Beef?

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Barked: Mon Feb 15, '10 5:51pm PST 
I was going through the messages on the Carnivore Feed Supply yahoo group and came across this place. It is in Montgomery Al, so shipping won't be too high and the prices are so good that even with shipping it is a deal. I pay $8 for a 5lb chub of 75/25 ground beef (I can't afford the lean which about $5 higher). It's hard to find cheap beef around here so this would be a lifesaver.

They also have tripe and other mixes.

here's the website:


Anyone bought from them?

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Barked: Tue Feb 16, '10 6:44am PST 
I haven't bought from them, but did you see on the list that they are running a special for 25% off? Great deal!!

Here's the info if you haven't already seen it ....

o: CarnivoreFeed- Supplier@ yahoogroups. com
From: l(deleted)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 19:43:46 -0800
Subject: [CarnivoreFeed- Supplier] 25% off Blue Ridge Beef if ordered by noon Monday 2/15

ALL Blue Ridge Beef on Sale! Order by noon on Monday 2/15 and recieve 25% off of your total! Pick up date/time/location TBA or delivery available within 30 miles of Montgomery, AL for FREE, USPS shipping also available (email for quote).

PREPAY before noon Monday and receive an EXTRA 5% off your order!! That's a total of 30% off website prices!!

Orders must be by the case (30 pounds... 15-2 lb chubs, 6-5 lb chubs), cases can be mixed.

http://www.healthyp awspetsupply. com/blue- ridge-beef. html

Leah Sledge

Healthy Paws Pet Supply &

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Montgomery, AL
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Barked: Tue Feb 16, '10 7:41am PST 
I never have, but it sure looks like reasonable prices! Let us know if you end up ordering!

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Barked: Wed Feb 17, '10 5:53am PST 
I have fed their beef and their Natural Mix meat/organ grind. They also had a bunch of venison that my distributor got for me last month. I have no complaints and my dogs have had no problems with it. I only buy the organ grind now because I found better beef for cheaper, but I would not hesitate to feed it again if I had to!

ETA: Stay away from their w/bone grinds. The bone is too hard and even though its ground, it comes out looking EXACTLY like it went in looking.

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Barked: Wed Feb 17, '10 9:35am PST 
We feed BRB. My pack loves it. In fact it is the onle beef they get. Your prices seem high though. The blend you are talking about we get for $1 a pound. The lean beef is $1.25 or $1.35 and the Natural Mix is $1.25 or $1.15.

Bam Bam....do they have a strickly organ mix or do you feed the natural? I haven't seen the organ mix. If they do have an organ mix can you post what is in it so I can tell my supplier?

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Barked: Thu Mar 25, '10 6:34am PST 
I have purchased from Leah before and have found her to be very kind. Her prices are consistently the sane as or better than other stores, and she seems to have bonus sales on her blue ridge quite often. This month, march, blue ridge is 20% off her already excellent prices. Plus, there is no minimum purchase-- you can buy 2 lbs or 200 and the sale applies.
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Barked: Thu Mar 25, '10 7:21am PST 
Maya, I meant the Natural Mix.