Hi all! Puppy eating his chicken wings whole :/

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Barked: Thu Oct 8, '09 5:35am PST 
Hi all.

I have a 12 week old boxer pup named Riley. In the last week, I've started him on a raw diet. This is not my first experience of raw feeding as I used to have a german shepherd who I also fed raw from about the same age.

My problem is, while feeding Riley chicken wings, he tends to eat them whole. During his first few chicken wings, he would chew them up but he had trouble getting through the skin, so the bones would be mashed but it would still be a whole chicken wing he would swallow. He would then promptly vomit this back up and have another go at it.

Two nights ago, he had a wing but came in from outside whining and keeping his body close to the floor - needless to say this panicked the Mrs to the point of tears. After a minute or so he threw it back up and tried to eat it again (he would have but the Mrs took it away from him).

Since that time we have tried a few things. We have cut the wings up into four pieces (he just swallows them whole and they don't touch the sides); we've cut the wings into halves (again just swallows them whole) and lastly, I hold one end of the wing, he chews through the other, but obviously I can't hold the second end without losing my fingers, so this part he swallows whole.

I don't remember my german shepherd doing this when he was a pup. I'm sure he used to chew through the whole wing. When he was fully grown he would just swallow them whole but as a pup...no.

I guess what I'm asking is, is this normal? And safe for that matter?

He's had no problems in the pooping area. Can a pup that age digest a two-inch chicken bone?

I would just mash the chicken wing up, but doesn't that defeat the benefits of bone eating - exercising his jaws and cleaning his teeth?

I went on a bit there. Sorry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have a big dog so i'm not sure if gulping is normal, I don't see why it isn't because i've read some peoples problems with it.

Instead of feeding chicken wings, Feed something bigger! A chicken quarter or a half a chicken. If it's bigger than his mouth he can't gulp it.

If you can't get him to stop, make sure you watch him the whole time he's eating, like not be in the same room but actually watch to make sure he doesn't choke, I would also watch and learn the doggie Hymlick manuver if you don't already know it.

Umm, I'm not sure if I missed anything else in your post...

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Oh it is normal all right! Get that food safely into the stomach so nobody else can have it.

Safe? NO!

Can he digest it? Maybe. Most of the bones are pretty small.

Why are you feeding him so bitty? He needs bigger food. Smallest size needs to be chicken quarters I would think.

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My Sadie was like that when I first started her. She would swallow and chicken wing whole. She didn't get anymore wings for a while. I gave her legs and thighs and quarters until she learned how to chew. Now I can give her wings and she will crunch them a couple times and then down the hatch they go.
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I'd Definitely feed that pup something bigger! Maybe try him on a thigh or even a whole quarter. I don't feed single wings at all. Even when Copper and Bailey weighed three lbs they couldn't be trusted with a single wing. Now a wing attached to some breast would be ok, but remember bigger is better!
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Good advice you are getting here. Give that pup a chicken quarter or breast and let him teach himself how to chew his food properly. Bigger is better. You don't want to cut his meat into small portion. That would encourage him to swallow it whole.

If he can't finish an entire quarter, just wrap it up and give him the rest the next day.