Can I give my shih tzu a raw bone-in steak?

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Can I offer my shih tzu a type of bone-in beef cut? Ie. ribeye, rib, etc.

If these are not appropriate for him, is there something else that is easy to find in my grocery's butcher that would be safe for him? I am just not yet ready to hand him a whole chicken. I am a vegetarian and I will admit that chicken skin totally grosses me out. I think I need to do this progressively. I am most comfortable with skinless chicken options (necks, back, etc) and beef cuts.

Note: Alex does not eat kibble

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I would not give a shih-tzu any type of beef bone.

I would go with chicken options such as chicken thighs, legs and whole wings.

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Thanks Gunner! Will the smaller and softer chicken parts still serve as a recreational bone? I fear he will chew right through those pretty quickly. I should clarify; Alex is a lean 19 lbs and he is a big and sturdy boy for a shih tzu. He has the body of small terrier but has the facial features and coat of shih tzu.

My intent it to allow him to massage his teeth and gums while enjoying the pleasure of chewing, which he enjoys so much and I have deprived him of for since I stopped giving him rawhide and greenies. I made a commitment a while back to feed more naturally and stay away from processed items and I'm glad I did. Now, I'm ready to get him a recreational item of the raw variety.


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How about:

pork rib
beef rib
turkey leg
chicken leg

If I can find a neck, which should I get him? Turkey, chicken, etc.
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I would suggest lamb necks. Other meals might be turkey/chicken necks, legs, rabbit, cornish game hens, goat leg, etc.

If your dog isn't a power-chewer, beef bones like ribs can be fine as long as you are able to supervise your dog. Pork ribs might also be a good idea. I would advise taking these away after your dog has gotten the meat off them.

When it comes to recreational bones, it's always a "know thy dog" thing. Once in a while, my normally restrained dogs will start chomping way too hard for my liking on beef bones and they are taken away, but 97% of the time, they have them with no problem.

Are you switching to raw full time, or as an occasional treat?

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Have you tried a bully stick? They are wonderful cloud 9

You could try turkey necks, considering that your pup isn't a crazy aggressive chewer. Gunner handles turkey necks with ease, and he's 9lbs smile

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Antlers are a big hit in our house too as natural chewies (they grind instead of splinter)
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Now antlers are interesting. I could easily get some... would they be too hard for a little papillon?
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for more of a rec thing i would go with bully sticks, they are a bit expensive but they will last a while...

for a raw bone the only safe ones to give are edible ones... anything that he can not chew through has a rish of breaking his teeth, so i would go with maybe a turkey leg or soemthing, that would a while for him to fully consume but is an edible bone...

necks are a good option, but my 10lb tinkerbell went through a turkey neck in about 15-20 mins... so they are not going to stick around too long