HELP - escape artist

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Barked: Fri Aug 17, '12 2:18pm PST 
About a year and a half ago, I took in a stray terrier that my neighbors found terrified on a on-ramp to a major freeway. My intention was to find his owner and I tried to. But when I realized he had multiple heath problems, I knew I couldn't return him to his owner. I have two dogs already so I tried looking for a shelter, but he had heartworms and a rare tumor and they all would have put him down. Long story short, he was such a happy guy, I couldn't stand the thought of that. After quite a bit of treatment, he's completely cure of all ailments.

But I cannot keep him in the yard! I am now at the point of considering finding another home for him, maybe out in the country, and it absolutely breaks my heart. He squeezes through the bars on my fence and gate (even though he is much wider than the opening). I tried putting wire fencing on the gate, but he just climbed it and squeezed out above it. I tried putting him out on a long, 30ft line, but there is no way to keep him on it. I've tried multiple collars (including a Martingale), halters, combinations of the two and nothing. No matter how snug, he pulls out and escapes.

Now, he always comes back after 15-20min. But I live on a very busy street and its simply not safe. The only other option I can come up with is to get a radial fence. But that would be a significant investment and knowing his relentless personality, I just really really doubt it would be effective. Plus, he already has anxiety issues, and I really don't think shocking him would be good for that at all.

I'm at my wits end. I have to leave him in the house all day and he sometimes acts out, destroying blinds, peeing, etc. Despite all this, he really is a wonderful dog. He is happy, very sweet and loving.

Any ideas?? I would very much appreciate it.