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Barked: Sun Apr 8, '12 5:05pm PST 
So here is my situation, I have just inherited a 7 year old Rat Terrier when my fiance made his move official to Florida. I know NOTHING about these dogs and have never been a fan. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just like big dogs. So I need help with him as it seems his previous family let him get away with everything and that won't fly here. Let me give you some background on him and his previous living situation:

He is seven years old and still uses puppy pads, doors have to be closed to bathrooms or places with rugs because he assumes that its ok to go the bathroom there. I understand he is a new house, but he is spraying EVERYWHERE. Yes is nurtured.

Also, he is really bad with begging. He was always given people food during meal times so now he sits and stares at you. Not ok with that. Now most of us have the bad habit of throwing some scraps to our pet,but I don't want him staring at me the whole time.

Also, the barking. AT EVERYTHING and then not listening when being told to quiet down. I like the fact that in the middle of the night if something sounds weird, he will let me know, but I don't like that he barks at me when being told to quiet down. That he barks when the cat is in the little box, when someone goes to the bathroom, the door, etc...

He was also left alone for LONG periods of times. So now he has no real interest in getting out and running around. I have a HUGE backyard for him to play in, but he would rather just sit on the couch. Tried running around with him, throwing a ball, just different stuff and nothing.

I need at many tips, ideas, and as much help as I can get. I'm the one that is home with him most of the time and I want to get to know and understand him better. My fiance loves this dog, but its also been over a year since he has been with him, so he thinks everything he does is cute and acceptable. I don't want this behavior to continue.

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Barked: Mon Apr 9, '12 4:34pm PST 
I think you should do what everyone should do with a new dog. Even though he is no pup he is new to you and the two of you could benefit from some obedience classes. It will help you create a bond, get some issues under control and get him a bit more active.

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Barked: Sat Apr 21, '12 1:45am PST 
I would love to be able to do that, but the fiance thinks that everything he is doing is no big deal and cute. So, he doesn't support that idea. He thinks because he is 7 years old that the dog doesn't need to change, I/we do. I guess, I just need, more or less, tips on how to handle/train him when my fiance is home and letting him get away with running a muck.