Decker Terriers an introduction

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Seegmiller- Decker- Terriers

Best Kept Secret- In The USA!!!
Barked: Sun Jun 26, '11 8:56pm PST 
I wanted to post here to introduce you all to an amazing breed called the Decker Terrier. I am going to include the link to the breed web site and my web site. Deckers decended from Rat Terriers but, they have had other breeds added into them 30 years ago. Most notably the Basenji or African Barkless dog....please enjoy!!!!

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Suzy Q

Barked: Sun Jun 26, '11 9:08pm PST 
Glad to be invited

CH Rosethorn- Mighty Black- Jack

Barked: Sun Jun 26, '11 9:44pm PST 
Thank you for the invite!!! I am sure this is going to be a wonderful place to learn and talk about Decker's & Rat Terriers!!!