I need a new home!

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The fastest dog- gets the- chicken.
Barked: Mon Aug 17, '09 11:00pm PST 
My name is Zeus! I was given up by my first. owners to a guy who had me for less then a month before he wanted to put me down, simply because he didn't have the time to take care of me.
My foster mom picked me up the second she found out about this.
I am a very loving little dog. I get along with cats, kids, and other dogs! I know how to sit and come but my foster mom is teaching my a lot more then just that. I try to be very well behaved, my foster mom says that I am the most well behaved Rat Terrier she has ever seen! I love to go roller blading with my foster mom every day! It's so much fun and help me sleep better.
If you would like to adopt me pleas send a message to my foster mom.
Thank you!!!
Crasta - ADOPT ME!

Let's just chill- and love each- other.
Barked: Thu Sep 17, '09 7:03pm PST 
Thank your foster mom for me. We foster mom's have to stick together.

I wish nothing but the best for you rattie kid!