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The Boss
Barked: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:19pm PST 
Hi yall, my Baby has seizures and I was wondering if anyone else's has them. She had 3 real bads ones and she almost died from them last year, her vet had to put her on seizure medication.

She was the runt when she was born, she was so tiny that her brothers and sisters wouldn't let her nurse so she had to be feed by a dropper.

She only weighs 10 pounds now, she was smaller than that but the medicine caused her to put weight on. She sleeps a little more than she use to because of the medicine but I try to make sure she gets plenty of exercise.

Her vet said that dogs her size most times has seizures. I have never been so scared in my life when she had them. I hate that she has to take medicine twice a day but I just thank the Lord that it has helped her. She has been doing real good now.

Great family- doggy
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 5:32am PST 
My Katie had seizures when she was alive. She only have about 5 or so in her life, maybe 1 or 2 a year starting at about 3 years old. Sadly, a massive seizure is what killed her last year. Came up out of the blue, but may have been triggered by her being sick not too long before.

I had a chihuahua years ago that had to be put on seizure medicine and he did great and lived a good long life. I am glad your baby is doing well on the medicine and I know how scary it is to see them have seizures. I hate them things so much, even more so after losing my Katie.

I will pray your doggy does well on the medicine and lives a good long and seizure free life! smile

Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 9:03am PST 
We want to share with you a remedy we have found for Pug Dog Encephalitis. Our little Zoe has this. Seizures are the main symptom of this disorder. After her first seizure, when the vet told us there was nothing that could be done, we started doing research. What we found was Rescue Remedy. Being a natural remedy, they do not discuss being able to help with seizures. Calming only. http://www.rescueremedy.com/pets/ This is our experience with the product. After her first set of seizures, 3 over two days, Zoe did not have another for 2 years. The most frequent one was much more severe. Because Rescue Remedy works wonders for calming anxiety for everybody, I (Zoe's mom) started using it and simply never run out. I have a bottle with me at all times. The night that Zoe woke me up with her little paw in the middle of a severe seizure, I ran immediately to get my bottle. We had found that you cannot overdose because of it's properties, the more anxiety, the higher dose. The moment that I began giving my beloved Zoe droppers full of Rescue Remedy, she started to come out of the seizure. I continued to give her droppers and within 2 hours she was sleeping peacefully. I do not believe she would have made it to the vet and if she had there would have been very little they could do. We keep a full bottle in the night stand. For $8 to $15, I believe every owner of a beloved squished face dog should keep a bottle, too!