Heart Murmur

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Cody - I'm on WILD and- Crazy guy!
Barked: Wed Feb 4, '09 1:07pm PST 
I was wondering if anyone knew if heart murmurs are common in Ratties. I went to the vet yesterday for a comprehensive exam and they said I have a grade 2 out of 6 heart murmur. My mommy and I are scared...

I have bad teeth and gums (this was caused by many years of neglect from my previous owners) and from our research we have found that this might cause the murmur. The vet won't clean my teeth though until we get extensive tests done that costs lots of money. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

My mommy doesn't want to neglect me and let me teeth get even worse but right now we cannot afford to do all of this. Is there any short term problems we should be weiry of? frown

mischief managed
Barked: Sat Feb 7, '09 7:07pm PST 
hi cody! blue dog

i'm not familiar with rat terriers and heart murmurs but i'm pretty sure they are all very similar when it comes to small dogs. i had a shih tzu, before bentley, that was diagnosed with a heart murmur when he was 6. it was also a level 4.. the doc said he could hear it without the stethoscope even being placed on the puppys fur. max eventually did develop more severe heart problems and passed away partially due to that, but he was 14 years old and lived a very strong, full and healthy life. there was absolutely no short term problems with his heart murmur and with my experience it didn't shorten or disable his life/lifestyle in any way!


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Cody - I'm on WILD and- Crazy guy!
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 1:39pm PST 
Hi there Bentley & family,
You just made my mom's day! dancing She is so glad that your doggie lived 14 long years even with the heart murmur! Thanks for the encouraging words! Hopefully she will worry less and stop "watching" for signs that I'm sick or something.
Cody & Mom