Puppy with Coyote...?

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Do coyote ever breed with dogs? I read that a coyote would rather maul a dog before breeding with but I wanted some other opinions. My Zeea is from a native reserve by James Bay where there are wild dogs and when you look at her now especially with her ears up she does resemble a coyote also she has really sharp teeth. My fiancee nextdoor neighbor is from a reserve and he mentioned Zeea could be part coyote but I have doubts...

This is more of a curiosity then anything else, just something neat to know! puppy
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I think they're called Coydogs. I could be wrong. Maybe someone will jump in.

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I can't really say from one picture, but she doesn't look like a Coyote cross to me. Is she timid, fearful of people, and riding in the car? I have heard that these are are traits of coydogs. (of course no cross dogs have these problems too.)


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She looks exactly like a Siberian/GSD cross. My coydog (American Eskimo/coyote) had heart shaped pads on her paws and twisted feces, as coyotes do. If Zeen has neither of these, then I doubt any feral mix.

Lily, who is Sib/Mal and Shiba Inu, has huge incisors and I'm sure she all dog - nothing feral.

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Here is what I know, for what it's worth. Dogs and Coyotes do mingle, I live in an area were it happens a lot. Most Coydogs do not ever make nice pets. They tend to be difficult to train, shy and highly territorial.
I own a dog who runs with her tail dragging and trots with her head up, plays with her food, builds dens, tracks mice under the snow and pounces, runs and hides from strange people, attacks when cornered and hates other dogs. She has spent her whole life in my home and still dislikes ME touching her too much. She is the only dog I have ever seen jump backwards and sideways on a daily basis, she's a born hunter and loves to yodel,yip and howl. In dim light you would swear she's a coyote. In fact she's apparently a GSD, named Shadow.
Your dog probably isn't a Coydog, coloring aside the personalities are usually what give them away and as your dog is apparently friendly and outgoing it's highly unlikely.

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I agree with Shadow. Coydogs are possible, but most of them are going to be feral. Whatever your pup is, it is very cute!puppy

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One thing I must say, Zeea is way too cute. Living in Alberta for 30 years on acreages, I certainly have had many encounters with coyotes. I had heard that coyotes certainly will breed with dogs, but it would have to be a female dog running around in heat that may have a lone male coyote get her. A female in heat running around on an indian reserve can have several sires in the same litter. My hubby thinks there is coyote somewhere in Willie (from the Hobemma reserve). When he howls he certainly sounds like a coyote - none of my other dogs have come close to the high pitch howl that he makes. So, you never know what you get when adopting a puppy from a reserve. I am glad Willie turned out to be such a good dog. It is so sad what some of these dogs have to endure on some of these reservations. I'm glad Zeea has found a good home.
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Information I researched indicated that the female is almost always the coyote and the male is the dog. This is because a male Coyote doesn't have enough sperm UNLESS it is during the natural coyote mating time (which is a very small window of time) and it is extremely unlikely he could sire pups at any other time of the year.
This study also claimed they had done DNA testing on many suspected Coydogs and found no coyote DNA in them at all. They said a more likely scenario is a dog breeding a wolf, again it would be a male dog and a female wolf for the very same sperm issues.
These studies were in Northern Maine and Northern NY and were originally done for information on reintroducing Wolves to those areas.
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Thanks everyone! I did really agree with what the others thought on Zeea being coyote. She is still my little "wild dog" though.puppy

Also they saw the mother, she was too mal-nurioushed to give any milk, and she wasn't coyote so if it is a male dog female coyote than for sure I doubt it.

I have also looked at coyote-dogs and doubt they are all part coyote either after doing research.

Thanks again everyone for the great convo.puppypuppy