What pups go well w/ Germ Sheps (?Border Collie or Gldn Retriever)

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Have a 2 yr old female German Shepherd, adopted at 1.5 yrs; good temperment, spoiledcry. Wish to get a puppy @ Xmas, have always had 2 or more dogs
Savannah Blue Belle

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Consider adopting...you would be surprised at how many wonderful and beautiful mixes are available, and a reputable rescue could suggest the perfect match for your GSD.

edited to add: not only mixes, but pure breds are often available.

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Thnaks Savannah, but it seems in my area only adoptable dogs are pit bill mix, so not really wanting to go that path. How would an Irish Setter do with a GSD


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First, please do NOT consider a dog based solely on how you think it would do with your GSD. Obviously that's an important factor, but you really, really need to put some thought into if that dog is also right for you and your lifestyle.

An Irish is not a breed for the average, or even slightly above average owner. They are a very, very demanding breed that require more than most can give. Not a very good choice for a "doggy companion" sort.

If you absolutely must get a puppy, consider very closely what sort of dog meets your needs and your lifestyle FIRST, then think about which would be most compatible energy wise/etc with your current dog. Also, PLEASE think carefully about a "Christmas Puppy". Consider where your puppy will be coming from, and do not fall into the "breeders" who advertise "Christmas Puppies"... please please PLEASE go to a responsible breeder who is producing dogs for the goal of actually bettering whatever breed you end up going with, NOT just to make some extra cash during the holidays. Far too many unscrupulous BYBs and puppy mills make their biggest buck during the holidays, when ignorant people are impulse buying dogs as X-mas gifts rather than actually putting serious thought and planning into how this animal will fit into their lives for the next 10+ years.