Question about Vaccinations

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Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 8:05pm PST 
I am currently fostering 10 puppies and their mom. This Saturday they will be turning 5 weeks old. Once the Mom and other pups are back home and off to their forever homes, I am going to be keeping one of the puppies, Autumn. I am getting her first set of shots done at 8 weeks old. My question is, should I wait until the other pups are gone to get her shots or should I get them done while they are here. The people that are purchasing the other puppies will be responsible for getting the shots done for their pup. That is per the owner of the mom, not me. The owner (a friend of mine) is not a breeder nor was this an expected pregnancy from the mom.

All advice is appreciated thanked in advance!

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Barked: Fri Oct 4, '13 6:40pm PST 
I'm no expert but I don't thing it matters if you get vaccines before the other puppies. It will matter if you get her dewormed though because the other pups can reinfest her if she is in close contact with them. Contact your vet and see what they recommend but 8 weeks is about when the mothers antibodies start to wear off and puppies become more vulnerable.