New puppy, new job - need advice!

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.


Dorky Doodle
Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 12:52pm PST 
Hi everyone! We just picked up our adorable new family member this past Saturday! She's doing amazing so far! She's already scratching to go outside to do her business! And she's already sitting on command...I think we have a super puppy!! smile

Here's what I need help with...
First off, we have a 2 1/2 yr old boy who we've raised from a puppy. I'm a teacher and we got him at the end of June so I was off with him for the summer. We crate trained him, and he got used to spending his days in his crate. This past summer we had a second dog stay with us for a while (while I was home again for the summer). Ever since then our boy decided to grow up and didn't need to be in his crate anymore. YAY! (He used to be a big chewer).
We just knew it was time to get another dog, so we picked out our little girl (knowing I would be home because I hadn't got a job yet)...we put down a deposit, and two days later I got a job an hour away from home. My husband and I commute every day.
We live too far away from our closest family and friends, and have no one that would come let our puppy out during the day. We can't afford day care (I've looked into it) and there are no dog walking services out where we live.

SO! We are going to have to leave her alone all day long with our other dog. We don't expect her to hold it for the entire day (I know she will only last 3 hours) but I'm wondering what situation would be better...

We can crate her and leave half of the crate for a pee pad, but once she grows a little there won't be room for both! The crate is appropriate for her adult size.

The other option we have is to section off our dining room (move the furniture out of it) and leave her in that little area during the day. Our dining room is about 8'x6' and is ceramic floor, so I won't be worried about messes on it.

We could potentially start her in the crate and then move to the dining room once she gets too big?

What are your thoughts on this? What would be best?

I took the day off today to spend with her and get a little further with her training but I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I know our situation isn't ideal...but I was expecting to be working only part time near home where I could run home on breaks, but I ended up landing a full time job an hour away that I couldn't turn down.

And before anyone says we should have went the rescue route and got an older dog....we tried that and had our hearts broken.

But, we aren't the only people who have got a puppy that work full time, so it can be done!

Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 2:10pm PST 
For your situation I would highly advise that you get a playpen/exercise pen, and attach it to the crate. This is nice because it gives the puppy more room to move around and play, and do their business. Just to be forewarned though, that when they are confined in a small area all day, they will have a TON of pent up energy when you come home. We have a six month old puppy, and that's what we do for her (although we must be really lucky, because she's never once had an accident when we've been gone).

If you can't afford to do doggie day care everyday, I would highly suggest that you try and do it once or twice a week. That's what we do now, and it works wonders. Our puppy is tired out and much better behaved when she has been at doggie day care.

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 2:48pm PST 
I like Lucy's suggestions. Are you close to your neighbours at all? Would it maybe be an idea to ask them to pop in and let her out a couple of times a day if there is no near by dog walking services?


Where did I bury- that bone- again...
Barked: Fri Oct 4, '13 6:44pm PST 
I think the larger area sectioned off would be best, that way both dogs could be together (I think that is what you meant). A larger area is also good for potty training because you really want to discourage your puppy from learning that its ok to pee in the crate, plus they innately dont want to anyway. Having a larger area leaves you a specific place for a pee pad where she can go to do her business away from where she sleeps and plays. Unfortunately this can make it more challenging to housebreak her but if thats your option then thats your option smile

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Fri Oct 4, '13 8:38pm PST 
Honestly, I think she'll be fine as long as you practice good potty habits/routine when you are home. She will probably sleep the whole time you are gone, just be sure to let her potty before you leave and as soon as you get home.

I recommend leaving her in the crate.

Barked: Mon Oct 7, '13 4:47pm PST 
Update: our little girl is doing great so far! We ended up leaving her in a crate where half of it is a place to go to the bathroom. We bought a potty patch thing that is a synthetic grass material. Our hope is that she uses the grass outside and inside and no where else. Although, when we don't take her out every 20 minutes she does go on the carpet. frown But that's a normal puppy! We haven't allowed her to use the grass inside while we are home, in hopes that she will let us know that she needs to go out instead of relying on the fake grass.

I think our game plan is to keep her in the crate with the grass potty pad for as long as possible (as long as she has a place to lie down). When she gets too big, we'll see if she can hold it, and if not move to the dining room where she can have more space.

Thanks for your suggestions!