Working all day - what to do?

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Wasn't sure where to post this, but since Sam is still a puppy, I figured I may be able to get some guidance here.

Since I got Sam I've been living at home. My mom stays home, so she's been taking care of him while I'm at work. In the very near future though, I'm going to be moving out of the house and will be out on my own. This means I won't have my mom to entertain him during the day.

I've thought about putting him in daycare, but it may be too expensive to do all the time (I live in a high cost of living area). I thought about having someone come walk him during the day, but turns out the rates that people charge come out to be almost as much as a daycare, for only 15-30 minutes! That's ridiculous, and at that point I rather pay the daycare; at least there he's entertained all day.

I don't think leaving him alone in the apartment all day is a good idea; he'll probably get bored and destroy the place. He's already destroyed a ton of furniture as it is, and we're always playing with him.

My question to you guys who work and have a dog (or dogs), how do you do it? Do you pay someone to walk them, do you go the daycare route, or do you have another cheap solution? All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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I crated Onyx when I wasn't home when he was a puppy. From there I moved to confining him to the bedroom, and then he graduated to being trustworthy in the whole house. As long as you exercise your pup well before you leave and again when you get home, being confined during the day shouldn't be a big deal.

Since you have some time before you'll have to leave him all day, you could start leaving him for short periods of time and gradually increase the time he's confined to allow him to adjust to being left alone.

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I agree with Onyx, crates are absolutely invaluable. Sasha has seperation anxiety so is crated any time I step out of the house, although Dante is good for about 5 hours out of the house. His two naughty times were very minor and not really his fault. I just got a new corgi puppy as well, Tegan, 4 months old. Her energy is absolutely crazy! laugh out loud However she loves her crate and the food treats I give her. Aka peanut butter kong, raw in the kong, pig ears, etc etc.

The main thing as Onyx said is start easing him into it, and the other part to that is knowing his bladder control. While "housebroken" if he's used to someone always being there to let him out, he may not have trained himself on really holding it for long periods of time. Tegan isn't housetrained really at all yet, if she needs to go she will, however she won't go in her crate (as most dogs don't) and she has fantastic bladder control for such a young pup. Sleeps at night for a good 10 hours shock

I also have a huge yard so now that the weather is cooling off they get mornings in the yard then when I come home at lunch for them, (hard but I make it work) they come inside to their crates. I just started that though, for the past 4 months it's been crate only, as I don't like "yard dogs" and it was too hot anyway. So if you don't have a doggy proof yard it's still easily managed. I also get up at 4 am to walk them all before I leave. Anyway good luck! He's adorable too by the way big grin


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When Capone was a puppy, I didn't do a crate although I probably will with my next dog. But I did set him up an exercise pen in the kitchen. He had a blanket to sleep on, a few toys/chews and enough space to play with them, and if he had an accident it was easy to clean up.

I was living in an apartment then and worked full time during the day. My boyfriend at the time lived with me and worked nights so he was home all day but had to sleep at least a few hours. So the exercise pen worked out pretty well for us.

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I don't work yet, but I have a set up where I could (and do) leave for 8-14 hours. It is basically just an ex-pen in front of one of those removable sliding dog doors. However, instead of it going to outside in my whole yard, it goes into another covered pen, as my dogs are tiny enough to be scooped up by birds of prey, and we have a good selection of wildlife here (not to mention, the cat is indoors only).

Of course another thought would be to drop Sam off with your mom if you end up still living close to her.

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Pen that connects to a crate has been a godsend. Then Parker doesn't push his pen around, but has more space than just a large crate so I can put water and a pee pad down (though he doesn't need the pad anymore!).

Exercise, exercise, exercise in your free time and, it's a damper on your social life, but I spend most of my spare time with my dog. He seems pretty happy though, so it's worth it. smile
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If you have a neighbor or friend that lives in the area you could try to see if anyone would be willing to stop by and walk Sam during the day? I've done that for my neighbors in the past, when they had new puppies but needed to work.

When Kitsune was a puppy we crate trained him. At first we kept him in his crate every time we left him home alone. When he got older and started behaving better, we eventually started enclosing him in the bedroom rather than his crate. Now he's almost 5 and we can trust him to roam the whole house while we're out.

Kitsune only uses his crate to sleep in sometimes now, he's never closed in it, but I decided not to get rid of it in case we ever get another puppy. I'd definitely recommend crate training, at least until they are old enough to be trusted in the house by themselves.

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If you establish and stick to a routine, your Sam will love you for it! As long as they know what to expect, and it's introduced and reenforced in a positive mannor, they will adapt nicely. My better half and I work different shifts, so the dogs are only crated for about four hours a day, four days a week. Sometimes, though, I work a double and they are incarcerated for about nine hours if I don't make it home during the day for a few minutes to let them out. They are fine with this. In fact, when I put on my uniform for work, I come down and they are all sitting in their respective crates waiting for their treats!

If I take a day off during my normal work week, I will sometimes find them snoozing in their "houses" and I'll look a the clock and see it's after my normal departure time!

As long as they get some play time, and structured activity time, they will be fine! In fact, when you look at how much dogs sleep during the day, you'll find that they just adjust their nap times to the times they are crated.

Good luck with your beautiful new puppy! (and what a great name!!!)

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A co-worker of mine had the exact same issue - she had these new dogs that were left alone all day and she was still potty training them. She ended up getting this product called DoggieLawn and loves it - it's great because she can just leave it out for them, and she doesn't have to worry about them leaving a mess when she comes back home.

I'd recommend it if your dogs are still potty training too smile I'd get it for my own dogs, but they're in my parent's possession.