Puppy growing an adorable Mohawk on his head!

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I like poop
Barked: Tue Sep 10, '13 3:28pm PST 
So I noticed about 2 weeks ago that Brevin started growing a little patch of fur on his little noggin'. I was assuming the rest of his face would probably catch up soon or the fur would even out. Nope! It's growing longer and longer and I love his cute little puff of fur on his head! Go to his page and look at his profile picture! His Mohawk is very visible!

PS- Breed guesses for Brevin are very welcomed. Some one has said they see cocker spaniel/ beagle mix. We got him thinking he was shih tzu mix but we know that's not the case!

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Tue Sep 10, '13 3:37pm PST 
That is adorable! cloud 9 laugh out loud

I like poop
Barked: Tue Sep 10, '13 3:45pm PST 
It goes all the way to the back of his head before stopping. It's so cute! I know it probably won't stay forever but I'm loving it now! I feel it matches his puppy rebelliousness :p


Serious Face
Barked: Tue Sep 10, '13 8:19pm PST 

the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Wed Sep 11, '13 8:30am PST 
LOL! Love it! Very cute and kinda bad a$$ too.
The way he looks in his new photo says it all,

"Don't make fun of me or you will live to regret it!"
laugh out loudbig laugh

Now I really wonder what he is a mix of!

Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Wed Sep 11, '13 8:54am PST 
so sweet laugh out loud
Hucky and- Ringo

Barked: Wed Sep 11, '13 10:58am PST 
laugh out loud LOVE IT. He is sooooo cute.

to take a guess at his breed I would say part Mohegan indian and part dog way to go

Happy and HYPER!
Barked: Thu Sep 12, '13 11:24am PST 
I see Cocker in him as well. maybe standard Dachshund, with the shape of the ears?

I like poop
Barked: Thu Sep 12, '13 2:41pm PST 
Corgi and dachshund have been thrown out quite a bit as well. Especially corgi

Where did I bury- that bone- again...
Barked: Thu Sep 12, '13 7:41pm PST 
oh my gosh!!
So unbelievable cute! Love his expression puppy