Getting a puppy at 5 months?

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I found a miniature schnauzer breeder that I'm getting a puppy from, but she's also offered me the option to adopt one of the puppies from a previous litter - a little girl that she kept back to determine for show prospects. She decided to pick the sister instead, but the problem is this little girl will only come to me at 5 months old because the earliest i can have a dog is November.

The breeder has many different people entering and leaving her house, and she also has other dogs there. She said the dog will come potty trained and leash trained.

For me, I want to take my dog to obedience training classes - will starting obedience training classes at 5 months affect the dog's performance? Also, should I be worried about bonding? The 5 months puppy will cost the same as the puppies who will leave at 9 weeks old... so that's not a determining factor.

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The only concern I would have with getting a pup that late is socialization, but it sounds like if there's people coming in and out of the pups house all the time that it will be well-socialized. I would just ask to make sure, I'm sure the breeder won't mind answering any questions you have. smile

Your pup will do just fine in obedience, especially if they do fine around new dogs and people. smile

Don't worry about bonding! We got Arya at 4 months and are now very close. It was a rough first couple of months, but I suspect that's due to the Shiba in her and not because of her age. I had to earn her trust... XD She had no desire to listen for quite a while, absolutely everything required a treat. You may not get the immediate love of an 8 week pup, but you will definitely bond just as strongly in time!

There are a couple of upsides to getting an older pup, the biggest one probably being closer to being potty trained. They also often come create trained if they are from a breeder. Many can hold their bladder through the night at that age. I only had a couple of days where I had to get up and let Arya out in the middle of the night, and after that she settled in.

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I got my latest puppy at 5 months. She came with virtually no training. She's a big puppy (bc she is a big breed...Rottie). But, she's done fine. Our biggest issue is getting our 12 year old to like her. But that will come with time. We haven't had her 2 mo yet.


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I got Bunny at five months ( although I knew him before that) and he is my heart dogcloud 9 He has issues that come from a combination of things that probably could have been avoided if he had come from a good breeder ( obviously impossible, since he is a mutt wink and I had known what the heck I was doingwink Personally, if I was getting an older puppy from a good breeder, I wouldn't hesitate at allbig grin

ETA I took him to OB class a couple of years ago. I don't think age has anything to do with thatsmile

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I am a breeder and if I had my way, as I've said on these forums a million times, all my puppies would be born 6 months old!!! IMO, anything to be gained by getting a baby puppy is all lost in the process of housetraining and puppy nipping!!!
Seriously, unless there is absolutely NO socialization, very unlikely in a show home, there is virtually no difference in training or bonding or any part of raising a puppy. You will still have a couple of weeks getting to know each others schedule, but after that, it is ALL uphill with an older puppy.
You can begin training right away, unlike having to have that baby puppy wait until it's attention span is longer. Inoculations are finished so you can immediately visit parks and other places where dogs frequent and bladder and bowel control is there so you have much longer between nature calls.