Introducing Lucy!

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Barked: Mon Aug 5, '13 8:55am PST 
My wife and I are so excited to have Lucy, and 18 week old Irish Setter! In the picture she is 9 weeks old, so I should put up a more recent one. Man, these pups grow fast! She drives you crazy one second with their nipping and getting into everything, but the next second she cuddles up to you on the couch, and melts your heart! We could not be happier with her. Although, I would not mind if she stopped biting/mouthing/nipping at our hands. laugh out loud Overall she's been great with potty training, just a handful of accidents around the house, which were more our fault for not paying close enough attention. She has never had an accident in her crate or playpen though!

She is a handful, and will continue to be one, but we're prepared for that. I wanted a dog that could go hiking with me, although I have to wait until next year for that. She'll also be a great running partner.

We live on the water in Gig Harbor (near Tacoma, WA), and she loves the beach and all that it has to offer. We do have to watch her closely, because she likes to find dead crabs and play with them. She's also likes the water a lot and has started swimming!

I think we did a fairly decent job of socializing her, especially the first month we had her. She loves people, and other dogs! Basically she loves everything and is a sweetheart! smile Irish Setters are supposed to be like that, so I shouldn't be surprised!

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce her!

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Mon Aug 5, '13 9:33am PST 
welcome Lucy. We look forward to watching you grow and hearing about all of your new adventures. we are sending a pals request as well.

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Mon Aug 5, '13 11:42am PST 
Oooh. A Setter! There are a ton of Irish Setters (and a Setter breeder that goes there too!) at Grand View Dog Park in Kent if you're ever interested in looking for Setter owners.

You're in a great spot for a lot of fun stuff.. You've got the beach, lots of great trainers in the area, short drive from the Olympics, etc.. Gosh you're going to have fun with her. smile Over in Roy, WA (30 mins south of Tacoma) there is a herding place called Ewe-Topia that we go to and we've seen lots of Setters there as well.

Have fun with her!


Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Mon Aug 5, '13 11:52am PST 
welcome to Dogster!

You sound like you've done a great job with her so far. I hope you continue to have lots of fun together.

My two, well especially Ty, love dead Crabs too ( seaweed also.) A tasty morsel to find on the beaches wink

Barked: Tue Aug 6, '13 8:11am PST 
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Nare, I had never even heard of that park before. It's only about 40 minutes away from me so I'll definitely have to check it out sometime! That's great to hear about other Irish Setters. It's funny because we get A LOT of people come up and either say they haven't seen an Irish Setter for a while, or that they had one growing up. Also, thanks for the heads up about Ewe-Topia - that place looks awesome!