How long to play with high energy 8 m/o GSD x Lab daily?

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Haven, SDiT

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Barked: Thu Jun 20, '13 5:14pm PST 
This is a weird and seemingly dumb question, but I'm wondering what an appropriate amount of time to play with my dog is everyday. She's obviously high energy so I'm asking because if I don't limit play time to some extent, play time would be all day everyday! I'm just wondering how much is too much.

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Barked: Fri Jun 21, '13 5:37am PST 
Given her mix at least 4 hours of active play would be a good start. Both breeds are high energy and do need a lot of exercise to get rid of all of that energy.wishes

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Barked: Fri Jun 21, '13 11:57am PST 
My 9 month old shepherd mix can run up an down a steephill after her prized squeaky ball for up to 4 hours (30 minutes several times a day) and then still be fit to go on a mile walk with her backpack on. big laugh

I've found on days we do training working on new behaviors she doesn't need nearly as much excersize since she's worn out from thinking.


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The only thing I would really be concerned with is making sure you're not running her long distances on hard surfaces (such as running her next to a bike) as that could damage her growing joints. With both Labs and GSDs it's best to wait until growth plates have closed at around 18-24 months before starting that kind of exercise.

I wouldn't worry about limiting free exercise like running and playing off leash. Let her go at her own pace and rest when she wants and you should be fine. Swimming is an ideal exercise because it takes a lot of energy, but is very low impact. If she enjoys swimming and you have somewhere she can swim, that would be a fantastic option for tiring her out.

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Barked: Mon Jun 24, '13 9:33am PST 
I had the exact same question when I first got my dog. Hes a lab collie mix (4 months) and I was worried about putting too much strain on him. Best thing is to read your puppies signs and stop when he starts lagging or getting nippy. My guy usually does about 3 to 4 hours of free play on our property at intervals. He loves ripping around in the forest, tall grass, playing in the river and a little bit of fetch. He usually gets tired and puts himself to sleep or rests by grabbing a chew toy for a bit. I'll bet you cant provide enough exercise to push him beyond his limits BUT I would caution against a lot of running as in you with a leash on a roadway as has already been mentioned, or extended hiking. I also wouldn't encourage my dog to play like a maniac with a high energy adult dog as he would play beyond his limit and over exert himself in his ecstasy cheer but your dude is old enough to keep up I would say.

You'll be the best judge to know your dog. We took my dog on holidays this past weekend and we walked the local market for a couple hours and he was pooped!