Dachshund Anxiety

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I have an 11 month old dapple mini dachshund. I had her since she 12 weeks old. We put her in her own crate when we leave the house. We also have two other dogs running around the house plus another 10 month old puppy right beside her in a crate. We when put her in she cries and barks and spite comes flying out of her mouth. She carries on so much by the time we come home we come back to a big puddle of her spite. It is not pee like we had been thinking. After she gets let out of the crate she goes stright to her water boal and drinks the entire boal. We always make sure she drinks enough before she goes in the crate, but I am worried about why she is doing this. I am afraid she might have a heart attack or something. She never used to put up this much of a fuss before. Is it anxiety or just a late puppy stage? I know the first night I brough her home she slept in a crate and no one got any sleep for 9 nines she yelled, barked, cried. After that night I had her sleeping on my bed and when we would go out she would go in the crate she would put up a fuss at first then settle down. She is also not spayed yet.

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How did you introduced her to the crate? And why are the other dogs free to roam? Are they all in the same room? Do you walk or play with her before putting her in the crate?

You can start to feed her inside the crate and create a positive experience around it. Try to introduce her to the crate by bribing her with food. Make her curious to explore it and teach her that being inside is good. If you have a toy throw it inside to get her interested. Don't close the door,just let her get accustomed to being in it. When you start to close the door do it for seconds. Then minutes. If it has holes on the back,keep giving treats. Don't open the door when she wines. Wait for her to be quiet and calm. Get your hand away as soon as she paws the door or wines. Then she will learn to be calm and wait patiently. In the mean time when you go out,use an Ex-pen for both puppies with the crate open and put a couzy blanket in it,something very soft.

Try to leave a kong with her when you go out to keep her occupied on the ex-pen or crate, when she is more comfy inside it. Fill it with cheese or PB and use hot dogs,or leftover meat pieces. Small. Practice when she is hungry
Good luck :3. Always make sure you leave her tired so she will sleep while you are not in the house. Only reward for going inside of it,call her to get out and if she stays in it keep rewarding her and praising.

Personally i don't use a crate,only as they're house,but i keep them on a room with a doggy door. If you do,there is a setting thst works good for keeping it clean. Give an area to sleep,eat/play and a corner to do they're business. Puppies soil away from they're food and sleeping quarters and,dont like to step on they're nasty stuffs.

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