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Hi all,

I'm going to be getting a puppy soon, and am trying to settle the details. I've figured out the food, bought the toys/crate/bed, and am all systems go except the pet insurance question. I previously had a 14 yr old girl (since she was 8 wks), but back when we first had her pet insurance didn't exist in my area.

I know from experience the vet bills are costly, I spent roughly $5,000 last year to keep my girl comfortable till she passed (she passed last decembercry).

I want to avoid the financial issues and heartache the happens when you can't afford to help any longer; So if I may ask what companies are in Canada for pet insurance? What should I be looking for?


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I have Embrace pet insurance. Like you I decided to get insurance after the expense of Zoey's final illness and death. I did get a discount for signing up on a different page which did somewhat sway me but they also have great reviews. I have not had to use it yet thank goodness so can't tell you for sure how they work.
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I'm not sure about over there, but in Australia they generally don't recommend pet insurance because a lot of things aren't covered in it, and you still have to pay the vet bill up front before you can claim on it. A lot of trainers here say ask your vet to put you in credit, whenever you have some spare money put it down at the vets then if anything happens it's pretty much already paid for. I've done it for Rogue and haven't had to pay for any of his vaccinations at the time because I had enough credit to get by.

But it might be different in other countries, I wouldn't know.

*Forgot to say some companies here also make you pay an excess for claiming, so in the end it's really not worth it.

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thx for the responses, I think I've narrowed it down to Petsecure and Trupanion. Petsecure is more expensive and has a higher deductible as the dog ages, but covers everything from vaccines to illnesses. But I think I'm leaning toward Trupanion, only because they cover all congenital defects and meds that are needed; after having a dog who needed 2 kinds of heart pills, a liver pill, and supplements, having the meds covered would be a blessing smile

*Also: here in Canada you pay and get reimbursed to, however where I'm from (small city in Southern Alberta) vets don't have credit or pay later plans, believe me I tried with my previous pup; The only "pay later" accepted is visa or mastercard, if you get my drift wink

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I don't like Pet Insurance. The affordable ones don't cover much and those that they do cover are a pain in the butt to file a claim for. The ones that cover a lot are super expensive so what I do... I self-insure.

That is, instead of sending money to the Insurance company for premiums, I send the money to a bank account monthly that I open for vet bills. I would withdraw from this money only for things related to the health of the dog - vaccinations, annual check-ups, spay/neuter, or anything that I need to pay the vet for.

If, for some reason, I don't have enough money in the bank to cover the vet bills, then I open a Care Credit medical loan and pay on that using the monthly allowance that I send to the bank. I've had 2 dogs pass away (one at 13, the other at 14 years old) and my vet bank account still had a lot of money in it. I now have English Bulldogs and I'm certain one of these days, I'm going to need all that money and wipe out that bank account. English Bulldogs are known for expensive vet bills!

Care Credit also covers Canada for pet health last I checked.

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