Puppy food advice?

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Wee Girl Pup

I need a name!
Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 9:59am PST 
happy dance
Wee Girl Pup (just a nickname for now) is coming home today! I've visited her every week since she's been born and she even had a sleepover with us just to make sure she was the one. But now I need advice on what puppy food I should get for her.

What puppy food would you recommend? I don't even know where to start. I'd like to feed her high quality and natural food, but I'm kind of new to that world. Any advice is much appreciated!

Sassy Britches!
Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 11:22am PST 
I would get what her breeder has been feeding her and slowly switch her to something you prefer. If she is going to be a large dog, make sure you get the puppy food for large puppies. Check out dogfoodadvisor.com or dogfoodanalysis.com for some food comparisons. Other options include raw or a homemade balanced diet. Check out our corresponding community section for help and more info on either of those routes. blue dog Best of Luck with your new pup!!party
Rosey Belle- Stewart

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Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 8:26pm PST 
I would feed her "Taste of The Wild": High Prairie Puppy in Roasted Fowl flavor. It's all Natural. It's grain free with no fillers or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. No corn, wheat, or soy. It's got REAL meat in it, and meat is the first ingredient. It's got chicken, duck and quail in it. It's also got fruits and veggies in it. My dogs LOVE IT. It's an excellent high quality food. My adult dogs eat "Taste Of The Wild": Wetlands Canine in Roasted Venison and Bison. Taste Of The Wild comes in several flavors. There's even some with fish. I recommend it to anyone!


Fancy& Rambo- Chinese Crested- Littermates
Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 4:41pm PST 
We went from what our breeder had us on to Blue Buffalo Wilderness for puppies, grain free. We love it!!!

Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 11:09pm PST 
I have my puppy on Nutro Natural Choice small breed formula kibble, and I feed her Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lovers Soul canned.

Pretty much comes down to what you want their are plenty of good foods to choose from I used http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ to make my choice.

I really like the Chicken Soup For the Puppy Lovers Soul canned food and was thinking of switching her kibble to that when she is done with the Nutro Natural Choice. She likes both, but goes CRAZY for the Chicken Soup brand.