New 11 wk old puppy is very scared of other people

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I've had her for 5 day's.She hide's behind me,or cry's to be picked up when some one gets close and talk's to her..And will duck her head if I'm holding her and someone try's to pet her.She struggles to get down if I hand her to my dad.Won't eat a treat from him if shes not on my lap.I'm bringing her over to see my dad everyday,and have him pet her a bit so she will see other people are ok.Is that ok,or wrong?and am I not supposed to hold her if she's scared?

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First don't have your Dad pick her up. Have him just ignore her and let her go to him. Puppies are naturally curious. Once she starts approaching him he can offer treats that she likes. If she won't take them at first he can just toss them to her. Do this with any guests in your home as well.
Don't hand her to people if she is frightened, this is a betrayal of trust. Put her down and let her work it out using the above steps.
Avoid picking her up when she is frightened, again let her sort it out while you offer sideline support.
She sounds like a timid little girl so work hard on socializing to avoid problems later.
Sabi would fight like a demon if anyone else tried to hold her as a pup. She still is put off by others holding her but time and training have taught her that on occasion she must tolerate it.

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Thank you!smile


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Sabi's advice is right on. It is normal for pups to go through several fear stages. I think my last pup went through 4 and the last one was around 14 months. It took me by surprise because I thought he had been through them all by that age.

It's best to just let them work through it without pushing them into anything.

Bandit's fear stages lasted somewhere around 10 days each , give or take.

Good luck with your new pup.

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It is really normal for a puppy to be scared of other people. They are more familiar with the scent of their mother or brother and sister and a human that has been taking care of him since he was little. There are other puppies who are friendly enough that they enjoy human attention but there are some who are not like your puppy. I think you should let him take his time to be familiar with people around him. It is also important that you understand him.

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Just keep introducing the puppy to new situations and people, but not to much excitement. Try to keep everything low key, because it sounds like she is going through a fear phase. It is very important for early socialization to happen with places, people, and animals.

Good Luck way to go

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Take the time to read this article. It underlines the issue with haphazardly "socializing" your dog and provides some good ideas for how to do it properly.

Don't Socialize the Dog! by Karen Pryor