WANTED: Brittany Spaniel Puppy

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Hello all, first time poster here.

I am interested in introducing a Brittany Spaniel into my life during the nearing months and would like your help. I live in Wisconsin and was wondering if anyone out there could recommend (maybe you yourself) breeders of Brittany's. Obviously within the borders of Wisconsin would be ideal but I am not unwilling to travel a state or two (basically throughout the Midwest) if that would mean obtaining one from a very reputable breeder.

I also would love to here from current Brittany owners on their experiences with their Brittany. I have had dogs all my life but never a Brittany. I am a avid runner, ballplayer, and outdoorsman which is what really intrigued me about the Brittany. It would be nice to have a close companion (in a dog) who would enthusiastically join me in my recreational activities. From what I've researched, the Brittany would be a perfect match for my lifestyle.

Hope to hear from you soon!

God Bless