Travelling with a puppy

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'Barcoola'- Rogue

Door? What door?
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '13 5:15am PST 
I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on travelling with puppies?

Rogue is 3 months old now and has tucked probably ten thousand kilometres of travelling under his belt in the month I've had him. Pretty much anywhere I go, he goes - camping trips, boating trips, general errands, visiting every dog friendly park we can find.

He has his special blanket to travel on wherever he goes and I always take a well stocked backpack of food, water, toys, chews, treats, first aid supplies, leads, collars etc with me.

For me all the travel only seems to have made him a more confident, self assured pup who focuses on me more than he focuses on his surroundings. He's quite happy to wander off to explore something (I haven't got round to teaching him how to walk on a lead yet) but he'll always come back when I call.

It was only today that I really recognized how much more relaxed he is than Shep in new surroundings. While there were joggers (with and without dogs), cars, groups of people, children and prams going past not 10m from him, Rogue performed a series of sits, downs, waits, ups and hi-fives without once moving away from me. In fact I think he only looked back twice in the whole 10 minutes of training. Even when we moved on to fetch, he was perfect, stopped once to look at a dog then continued back to me. And the whole time we were there he was off leash (I haven't gotten round to teaching lead manners yet, I'm hoping this will last at least another few weeks laugh out loud )

I am a little worried though that this will lead to resource guarding or perhaps other behavioural problems in the future due to the amount of uncertainty whenever I take him out. What do you guys think?