Crating puppy while someone is home all day?

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Although I am not ready for my next dog yet, I am making plans and putting things in motion. If I was to get a puppy while still working full time, I am afraid it will bond to hubby , who is home the majority of the day, instead of to me. Not to mention that hubby is nowhere as vigilant as I am in regards to chewing, peeing, interacting with the other dogs, ect. Would it be mean to crate the puppy even if hubby is home? I mean, he would be able to let it out to pee , so it's not like the pup would have to hold it till I got home. I would spend time excercsing and training with him/her before work and of course when I got home. It just seems odd to crate a puppy when someone is therethinking

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wave Bunny,
It would not be odd to crate a puppy with someone home at all. I didn't crate mine,they never took to it,but if for some reason I was not able to supervise them properly I did restrict them to one area to avoid them getting into things or making a mess while I was busy doing something else. I did the same thing with the dog I had before Mika and Kai even with 3 older children and my husband at home. If Mattie couldn't be with me,she was restricted to the bedroom. I tried giving her free run of the house once when all of the kids were home ages 18,16 &11 under their watchful,vigilant supervision she destroyed the seat cushion on a chair less than a week old while all 3 of them were in the same room she was watching television. By all means if you have any concerns about how vigilantyour husband will be supervising the pup,for your own peace of mind and the pups safety,crate it.
Many people do it even if they work at home,simply to get the pup familiar with the crate and make having to be crated when it's bedtime or they have to leave easier on the pup. I don't think it's odd at all.flowers
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Bunny, I'm home right now and ALL my dogs are crated as I am trying to clean the house (IF I ever get off the computer, BOL!) When I have company, they are also crated or most of them are.
BUT... I have to keep the crates CLOSED to keep them out of them if I want them with me... they LOVE their crates, even Jethro is crated!
And, Quincy spends weekdays (and nights) at our boarding kennel where he only deals with the girls that work for me, is only at my house on weekends, yet he is still MY dog and always has been. I do his training, I take him for walks and runs in the field, and, best, I boss him, BOL! They all give him treats for doing nothing, feed him his meals, and let him in and out of daycare, but he still knows who his momma is!


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Thanks guyssmile

M and K had to laugh at the "watchful vigilance"

Toto, that's good to know!

Bunny was never crated trained. I just puppy gated him in the kitchen. Princesse was, but because of her litter box, I would puppy gate her too. I finally got Bunny semi crate trainedcheer I don't shut the door, but now he even goes in there when I take a bath and hubby says he spends a lot of days in there when I am at worksmile