My Dachshund puppie has started growling at me ?

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Ive had my puppie now 3 weeks, I got her at 12 weeks old and only 2 days ago she started growling at me when she on my lap if I move her... ? never had this before with any dog. Im trying now to find out why ? any help on this and how to handle her mood.

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Are you sure she isn't injured? Maybe it hurts when you touch her certain ways.

If not, then she just prefers to be where she is and is letting you know she doesn't like being moved. This is pretty normal, but you need to nip it in the bud. Don't scold her, but practice handling her and rewarding her for tolerating your touch. Before each meal, handle her paws, ears, etc. and give her a bit of her food as you do so. Because Dachshunds are small and can have back problems, you HAVE to be able to pick her up. It's not recommended they jump on or off furniture, but If you only want her to move over, also teach her to target your hand.

Dachshunds seem to be especially touch-sensitive and wary of being picked up. It's like they know how easily their backs can get injured. So you need to work extra hard at desensitizing the puppy to all that. They love food-it's usually really easy to teach them things using food rewards!