First puppy, it's not going well.

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 7:59am PST 
I got a foster puppy last night, I've never had a puppy before and it's not going well. It whines, always! Even if I'm holding it it whines, what can i do for it? I'm told it's 6 months old but I really have no clue about puppies, i didn't even know it was a puppy until i went to get it. also screaming in the crate but i assume i just power through that? potty training is going okay. how much do i feed it? 12 pounds. how often? it doesn't seem to know what toys or chews are either. help! plus jewel hates it.

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Breathe, Jewel. meditate Puppies whine, especailly puppies put in strange enviornments hug Bunny whined when we used to dogsit him before he became ours. Try and get him(?) on a shedule ASAP. Ignore the whining at bedtime anyway. (earplugs maybe? ) I am assuming he sleeps in crate at night? As for Jewel, what seems to be irratating her the most? When we first got Princesse I kept her and Bunny separeted as much as possible when I couldn't be *right* there. This too shall pass hug

Excuse my spelling , on hubby's french computer, no spell checkshrug

ETA, this is a rez pup , right? No surprise that it doesnt know about toys or chews. I guess it will learn. Not too sure about food. Bunny weighs 20 pounds and eats between 1/2 to 3/4 cup good quality kibble a day, twice a day. I know puppies are supposed to eat 3 times a day for a bit, not sure when that changes to 2. Princesse is 5 pounds, 1/4 cup once a day ( her choice, never hungry in morning).

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Exercise, exercise, exercise! A sleeping puppy isn't whining or screaming wink Other than that, it'll probably just take some time to settle, like Bunny said.

Most puppies can be fed twice a day at six months, but I'm not sure with one that small if three times a day would be better.

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No advice from this end, just wanted to send you these: hughughug
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Jewel, this WILL pass... 6 months is a bear! I would feed twice a day, that's fine for 12 lbs. 3/4 cup, twice a day for starters.
Crate, preferably with another crated dog beside the baby. Don't hold too much, will ultimately make the whining worse, IMO.
Jewel will get used to the baby...the baby will quickly learn to leave the queen alone!
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
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Haha oh my dog I've been feeding him 4 times a day. laugh out loud He's kind of skinny, at what age do they lose that puppy fat look? The clinic where he was being held sent Medical food with him but I grabbed a bag of Actruim puppy food and am switching him over.

Bunny - not a Rez puppy, they tend to not come in small breeds. One of our vet clinics that does work for us had him turned into them.

The whining has gotten better both in and out of the crate but I'm lost on how to exercise him! He doesn't want to go outside for a pee because of the weather let alone go for a walk. Jewel's played with him a couple times but he annoys her most of the time because he's not understanding her body language or respecting her snarls. I've tried playing with toys with him but he doesn't know what to do and tries to nip me so I make a noise and pull my hands away so he learns not to nip people. shrug

I've put his crate next to Chloe, she's so sweet & mellow I hope it rubs off on him! She decided to sleep in the living room near him last night and she always comes outside when I take him out and she eats any kibble he tosses out of his bowl and she helps him chew his chews. laugh out loud She's looking after him.

I hope he gets adopted quickly! I don't think I want a puppy ever again.

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meditatemeditate and hughughughughughug this too shall pass. Give the puppy and yourself some time,it will get better.flowers

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He could very well be starting the lanky adolescent phase. I wouldn't worry about kind of skinny. As long as he's not obviously in need of weight gain, he's probably fine. Chances are he'll fill out as he matures.

You could try feeding him with a food dispensing ball. Would give him some exercise and might help him understand toys.

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shy girl
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My pup is now 6 months old. And then I have a 3 yr old as well...both Huskies, I know what your going through, it is difficult but I promise it gets better!
We got the pup a little over a month ago and she was pretty scared for the first while, she never whined really though but I am sure the cause of your pups whining is he is in a different place now and probably very scared and needs to get used to everything.
He will learn to play with toys, just do your best to show him, he has to learn if he has never had toys before, he is learning for the first time.
When he nips at you along with the noise you make also put a toy in his mouth so he learns what is ok to bite. Maybe try different toys? What ones are you using, I know the only toys Mika likes to play with are stuffed animals and tennis balls, where Lexus will go after anything! My pup especially likes the long skinny material animals, no stuffing but there are squeakers in them and I make it look like the toy animal is running around by dragging it along the floor, and combine that with a squeak from it and Lexus goes crazy over it, thinking it is prey and loves to play with it.
Good Luck, It will get better hug
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How about taking that clicker and training? Sounds like a hand touch would be useful.

And something I always forget after years of adult dogs- puppies do not know anything. Start a routine and stick to it, teach him skills you like (sit stay for the food dish??). Deep breaths and patience is needed. Oh and crate training...for much needed human breaks smile