Are you cool with other people kissing your puppy?

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Mary Jane- Chronic

Jack's Blessing
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 9:13pm PST 
It drives me crazy when anyone but me kisses my puppy. Anyone but especially total strangers. I'm surprised by how many people do it but I admittedly have a little OCD so I'm curious what other pup parents think about other people kissing on their puppies. For anyone with the same trouble, how do you politely ask people not to kiss your puppy?

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The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 9:18pm PST 
i had no problem when mine were puppies. They are so gee darn cute how can you help yourself.cloud 9 It's not like they can get them sick and the pup is usually kissin on them.shrug
Now a baby on the other hand thats a different story.

forever loved
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 9:29pm PST 
No no no....only cuz I'm a bit OCD too, and since I give my boy kisses that would be like kissing them....silenced


Do you even- lift?
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 9:51pm PST 
I've never had anyone kiss my dog, as a puppy or an adult. I can honestly say that would weird me out. Not that I think it's weird to kiss your dog, but I think it's extremely weird to kiss a stranger's dog. And aside from the oddness, I wouldn't want to put my face that close to a dog I didn't know, even if it was a puppy confused

High-flyin' Pup!
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 10:35pm PST 
I warn anyone that tried that he eats out of the litterbox. That stops 'em.

Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 6:31am PST 
I'd just say to them that he was just licking poop. Problem solved wink

Design jewelry,- not dogs!!!
Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 6:39am PST 
The "he eats poop", works for me!!

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 6:57am PST 
I've never had random strangers kiss either of my dogs either, not as puppies or adults. Wouldn't mind family members doing so ( my sister does! ), but i think it's very odd for a stranger to want to do so thinking

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Scruffy (RIP)

In Loving Memory
Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 7:05am PST 
One time my vet kissed Scruffy, and she left a pink lipstick mark on the top of his head, he was really sick so he needed some extra love that day. laugh out loud As for strangers kissing my dog, I think it's weird and stupid, I would not be putting my face that close to a strange dogs face puppy or not.

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Mary Jane- Chronic

Jack's Blessing
Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 7:38am PST 
The Boys I can't even think about if it were a human baby in question shock

Exactly Twister! That's what I think every time someone kisses all over my pup. I don't want her contaminated with someone else's germs when I give her kisses laugh out loud

UCH Onyx, I think it's odd to kiss someone else's pup, too. Even if you know the pup and pup's person, though. shrug

Jasper, Dexter & Jethro, that's too funny! laugh out loud It wouldn't deter a few people in concern, though confused

Missy, I agree that it's a little different if it's someone you're close with ... sibling, parent or boyfriend/girlfriend. But, what about just a friend or a housemate? thinking

Scruffy I bet the lipstick print was cute on him, though smile

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