Hes soooo torn!

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Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 7:13pm PST 
LOL. Poor Ark.
We went for an offleash adventure this morning, Nare went one direction, I went the other. Arkane stood in the middle of us and would run from me to him, back to me. He didn't know where he wanted to be.

I'm kinda glad though, cause I know if he isn't with me, then hes with Nare so all I have to do is call Nare and the pup will come.. Nare comes to Ark's name as well.

He has so much bounce. But I can tell hes working on his impulses. When he sits he wiggles and wags like mad, holding himself from jumping and spinning and kjdghkfg.

I've been sick so our training has been next to none, I'm just glad Nare can help tire him out. He gets his second round of shots on Monday (10 weeks old!) and then we'll hit all the fun places!

I really need to get around to taking actual pictures. laugh out loud
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Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 8:38pm PST 
Yay Arkane!! cheer

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 12:56am PST 
You really can't take too many pictures at that age. I took quite a few pictures but I wish I had more videos. Enjoy his puppyhood, they grow up so fast puppy

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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 8:50pm PST 
Awww, that's so cute. I could only imagine Arkane going from you to Nare. And yes, I suggest you take videos instead of photos. I regretted not taking more videos of my other dog Coco before she died. She also had a lot bounce in her, just like your Arkane. smile