4 month old Newfoundland puppy..... when to get him neutered?

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I have a 4 month old landseer Newfoundland puppy. Ive read mixed reports on when to have him neutered. My vet said we could next week when he gets his last set of shots but im unsure. Some say to wait until he's a year old since he is a large breed. Wanted to see what other dog owners think. Thanks.

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He's actually a giant breed, so I would wait until at least 18-24 months to neuter if he were mine. Ideally, the dog should be fully grown before neutering, and the larger the dog, the longer it takes them to reach their full adult size.

However, leaving him intact does come with added responsibility. Extra supervision would be necessary to make sure he didn't sire any litters. I never leave my intact male outside alone- anytime I'm not watching him, he's in the house. If you like to leave your dog in the yard when you're not home, or for any other reason are unable to keep close tabs on him, you might want to consider neutering him sooner.

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Onyx pretty much summed it up. Your newfie is adorable, and I love his name! puppy

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Forgot to mention, there's also the third option of a vasectomy. That would leave his hormones intact, so growth would be unaffected, but would sterilize him so he would be unable to reproduce. Tricky part is finding a vet who performs vasectomies.

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There's also zinc neutering or "Zeutering" i think there was an article recently around here about that.

Here is a life with dogs article out in April:

Other than that I agree with everyone else, definately wait probably closer to 2 years. you want your dog well out of adolescence and fully mature in bone and muscle before taking away the gonads and their vital hormone producing function.

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I would wait until he were two years old, if you're set on neutering him.

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I agree with the others and would wait until he is about two years old. What does your breeder say? Your breeder should definitely have input on this and know what works with their lines in addition to being the ideal mentor for you. Good luck!

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Zane is 3 and 205lbs, he will be going in to get neutered in March. I also have a 13 month old min pin male who is going to be neutered next month. I generally wait until my dogs have reached full growth maturity before neutering if i'm going to neuter.

I wasn't going to neuter at all but I am bringing home a female Boston Terrier in a week and I really don't want puppies roaming the house. I can and have been a responsible owner this entire time, always keeping an eye on my dogs, but with 3 dogs and 4 kids I feel like the best option for my busy household is to have everyone spayed/neutered.

Being a responsible owner is not always about being able to watch your dogs like a hawk 24/7, but it's also knowing your limits with what you can and cannot handle. And just because you may feel like you cannot handle an intact dog does not make you a bad dog owner either.

Wishing you and Aslan the best of luck!

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Moose will be 15 months old on Sunday and I'm holding out until he's reached sexual maturity, around 2 yrs old. My vet was ready to set an appointment for it the day Moose got his first check up, but I'm waiting.

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I am also confused about when to spay/neuter my puppies. I have a brother and sister so that adds an additional measure to the mix - I don't want any accidental breeding. My pups have a registered bernese mt.dog father and a registered newfoundland mom and have just turned 6 mo. Do you think I should spay the girl first and if so, when do you think is best? Our vet wanted to do them both at the same time at 4 months. After doing a lot of research, I'm glad I didn't rush into it. I want to thorougly consider their future health and life.

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