Luna turns 1 year old today!!! Happy Bithday Baby Girl!!!

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Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 2:52am PST 
Luna has turned out to be a stunning and smart girl since the day I brought her home. I can't believe she is a year today. How the time has flown by.

Baby Luna - 3 weeks old

Baby Luna - 3 weeks old

3 weeks

fell asleep during her breakfast - 4 weeks

5 weeks

5 weeks

8 weeks

8 weeks

Luna and Mishka - 8 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks old

Mishka and luna in bed together

13 weeks

3 months

4.5 months

Too big for her old bed

8 months and 3 days

Smile! your on candid camera!

Finally 1 year!

Hope you all enjoy the photo montage of Luna!

There's nothing- in my mouth, I- swear!
Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 9:43am PST 
Wow she's gorgeous! Happy birthday Lunapartypartywishes

Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 10:48am PST 
Happy birthday!! party


I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 12:54pm PST 
party Happy Birthday Luna party She's a beauty.
Mishka &- Luna

Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 11:07pm PST 
Thank you everyone!! She had a large RMB for her birthday tonight.