How do I get my Lab and Shorkie to coexist???

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Obi is five months, a lab, and very active.. My roommate has a nine month old shorkie named Bentley who is always laying around. We have tried to let them run around together, but Obi tries to play and Bentley is so small and just shakes and will occasionally snap and bark at Obi. I know Obi isn't hurting Bentley when he tries to play, but I don't know how to keep things calm between them.

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What is a shorkie? Some kind of designer mutt? Anyway, you need to keep your puppy from bothering your room mate's puppy. Safe area's where they can get away from each other might help, a crate perhaps. also just being aware of what your puppy is doing and stopping him when he gets too pushy. The other dog doesn't have to play if he doesn't want to. Anyway, some more experienced people should be along to help out.
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When Princesse first came to live with us, I kept her and Bunny separated when I wasn't home to keep an eye on things. If she bugged him to much, I would distract her and keep her busy elsewhere. I also intervened if Bunny got too rough with hersmile

Fritz, I believe that Shorkie is what a Shiz Tzu/ Yorkie mix is sometimes called by people who are unaware of designer breeders and all they entailsmile


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It sounds like you are trying to force a relationship between the two dogs when clearly your roommate's dog is not interested. Not all dogs want to have dog friends and not all dogs enjoy rowdy puppies. I would have a safe place for your roommate's dog to go to get away from the puppy and I would not let the puppy torment the other dog just to try to get them to play. Your dogs can coexist just fine if your puppy learns to respect the space of the other dog and you don't force the issue that you want them to play together. Find your puppy playmates of his own age and size, or dogs who enjoy puppies, so he can learn good doggie manners and let the two dogs in your house develop a relationship on their own terms, not yours.

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Thanks Princess, I couldn't figure out what mix it would be. It sounds like your roommates dog is very small. Definitely protect him from your puppy and teach your puppy to respect the small dog's space and back off when asked.
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I have a 9lbs poodle/shih-tzu mix (Jewel) and I'm currently fostering a 43lbs Aussie mix (Jettsen). They DO NOT play together. EVER. They will run together when I take them off-leash running. She tried to play with him once but as soon as he got close she got scared and that was the end of it. There are clear boundries in my house that the larger dog respects. He doesn't get near her when she's eating and he doesn't get up on my bed when she's already there. She bites him in the face a few times a week when he steps out of line and I have to LET HER so that he RESPECTS HER. You do not let a larger dog push around a smaller one because some day an accident will happen and you'll regret it. I have to give him heck if he gets to bouncy around her because if he stepped on her he could seriously hurt her.

I also use baby-gate or crates when I leave the house so they are never left loose without me there to supervise.

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Labradors are powerhouse animals and at the age of Obi, they can be wrecking balls. Please take precautions not to let the tiny dog play unsupervised or encourage Obi to play with the little dog.

When we brought Dubs into the house, I was quite concerned because she was so little and the two big dogs could be reckless. In the end, Samoa mothered her and Savvy went out of her way to steer clear of her until they were all comfortable with each other, but since your little dog shows no inclination to play I wouldn't encourage it. Instead find occupation and amusements for Obi and let the little dog come around if it wants to.

Sort of OT. I googled "Shorkie" and the website I found by a "reputable" breeder makes me want to cry.