Puppy's first Christmas... Advice on keeping Cherry on the "Nice" list??

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Pretty please,- with a cherry on- top?
Barked: Mon Dec 3, '12 3:48pm PST 
Hoping the title is self-explanatory.

If not, let me be more specific.

Right now I'm having great difficulty keeping the tree skirt around the tree. Also, my puppy is chewing on the lowest branches and consuming a good amount of needles. She also keeps trying to drink the chemically-altered water we pour in for the tree.

I'm already working on correcting so many other behaviors... Is there something specific I could do to keep her away from the tree?

My last Bully didn't bother the tree at all since he did that "stalking" behavior around it...

Can anybody help, please? Thanks...

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We put a wire ex-pen around our tree Chance's 1st Christmas.

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I second the wire expen... Quincy would LOVE to help decorate the tree AND I also have three cats. In fact, with all my dogs, I always use an expen around my tree!


Pretty please,- with a cherry on- top?
Barked: Tue Dec 4, '12 9:14am PST 
Thank you for the responses!

My mother isn't willing to put up a gate or pen as far as blockades are concerned. thinking

Last night I remembered that I have a bottle of Bitter Yuck! leftover from my last dog's hectic upbringing. I sprayed the lowest branches and the lowest area to the tree skirt. When I let Cherry out again (her play area is near the tree, unfortunately) she paid little attention to the tree... When she did go over to nip at a branch, though, I clapped my hands loudly and my Mom and I said "No!" at the same time. Cherry moved away from the tree, looked over at us, then merrily went on her way.

That was just last night, though. We'll have to see how this plans out.

I'm gonna have to be super diligent about cleaning up those pine needles, though.

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Barked: Tue Dec 11, '12 8:56pm PST 
At least she's a Girl and won't help you "water" the tree! We where super worried about it the first year we put the tree up but after a few sniffs and a crash land into the trunk after a ball, he left it alone. The bells on it drive him nuts though as he thinks bells = cat to chase.

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Maybe you should consider putting a 'fence' around your Christmas tree so your puppy wouldn't get near it? Besides, she can just admire the thing she wants to keep on biting from afar. smile